Saturday, 16 July 2011

France Photo Diary #3

On Friday I got back from another lovely week spent at my home in France. This time around it was beautiful and sunny - did you know you can get a much better tan in Cancal in July than in California in April? Who'd have thought it!
This is the view from the start of the pier at Cancal of the lighthouse, fish market and oyster beds. (more photos in last summers post!)
The obligatory bowl of mussels whenever I go to France. I promise one day I'll remember to take a photograph of them before I've eaten them all!
We had a lovely meal at the creperie in Combourg that claims to be the oldest in Brittany. 
As a seafood fiend I enjoyed a traditional galette (buckwheat and black butter crepe) with prawns, scallops, squid and mussels in a cream sauce - it was to die for!
Every time we eat there my Mum has her favourite crepe for dessert: a scoop of coffee ice cream wrapped in a crepe, doused in Irish Whisky and set alight at the table - always fun to watch! 
It's usually just me and my parents, so it was certainly an adventure cramming in the back between my Mum and my Grandma whenever we drove anywhere!
On the way back from Cancal we took a wrong turn and discovered the most amazing sandy beach complete with clear blue, swim temperature sea and rock pools. I've decided that next summer we're going back for a beach day! 
This is the view from Mont Dol, the highest point in the area. When I took this shot I'd climbed to the top of a gruelling spiral staircase to get atop a tower - never doing that again! 
One of the first places we visited was the lovely historic town of Fougeres. 
Tickets to get into the castle. I had such fun running around it with my Dad. My nail polish is 'Extravagance' from the O.P.I designer collection. 
The view from the top of one of the castle towers - the road just looks so European, not like England at all!
The fact I took this picture in the glass of the double doors into our living room just shows how sunny it was. I'm wearing this outfit, with my Whistles wrap bracelet and a Little Fille headband. *edit* (17/07/11) Does anyone here watch Pretty Little Liars? I've just realised I look a lot like Jenna in this picture...

Where have you all been jetting off to for your summer holidays?


  1. Oh my god! It looks so beautiful!!! I love France :) And all that food looks amazing!

    Gem x

  2. Oh wow! I want to live in that darling little historic town. Love that last shot of you btw, the scarf in your hair with the striped tee--perfection! xoxoxo

  3. Beautiful photos! Everything looks amazing, especially the food.=D

  4. Gorgeous photos, bring the sunshine back with you! x

  5. Wowee, I miss France. Did you have moules et frites? My favourite French dish, for sure!

    x Michelle |

  6. @ Michelle - I never go to France without having moules et frites!

  7. Loving your blog Rachel! Really love the layout! Going to follow you on twitter and bloglovin! talk soon!


  8. oh god, i LOVE you for this post! i visited fougeres with school when i was like 11 or 12, and i found it so beautiful, but for years and years i couldn't remember what it was called! thankyou, haha. the beach is gorgeous, too. i've just got back from italy and i've had serious post-holiday blues. ): xx

  9. Looks like it was a great trip! I had a 4 hour stop in Paris yesterday and it wasn't long enough. I'd love to visit little french towns as well.
    And the crepe that's set alight seems awesome! Need to try it.

  10. Gosh, these photos are wonderful!! I really like them!! *___*
    Nice blog too!! I like the way you organize your posts!!

    All the best, Sammy

  11. amazing photos! couldn't stop looking!

  12. Im so jealous of u atmm, and i wish u did take a pic of those mussels before you ate them!!!! i bet they looked delicious, your blog is soo lovellyyy, i will be visiting it again very soon :)


  13. these are some gorgeous pictures!! it just made me realize that i need a vacation ASAP!! so far i´ve only been to berlin and i wouldn´t count that as a holiday. :S


  14. moules et frites has to be one of my favourite meals, maybe ever!

  15. This looks beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  16. Nice photo-journal!!

    xx PvdH -designer and illustrator

  17. gosh, these photos are inspiring a serious case of wanderlust over here. and you look so gorgeous in that last photo!

  18. Gorgeous photos, looks like you were very lucky with the weather!
    Julia @ Retro Jules

  19. The historic town has me breathless, what incredible buildings.

  20. Amazing pictures, it looks beautiful there.

    Sadie xx

  21. This looks just fantastic! I would love to experience France in the summertime, but alas I'll be back in winter for the second time this year, I guess I shouldn't complain, winter France is better than none at all! Glad yo know you had a great time.