Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Daylesford Organic, Notting Hill

Ever since through her blog, The Londoner, Rose introduced me to Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill, I have gradually been discovering all of the wonderful little shops and eateries it has to offer every weekend. One place I really must make plans to eat at soon is Daylesford Organic.
The first thing I gravitated towards when I stepped inside was the bread in the window - it all looked delicious, and was very reasonably priced compared to what you'd usually pay for bread in higher end stores like this.  
DSC_0479 DSC_0482
All furry friends must be left outside of course!
DSC_0475 DSC_0471
Fine, buying your product like this might cost a bit more than getting it in the supermarkets, but as well as being safe in the knowledge that everything is organic, it is all beautifully presented! 
DSC_0469 DSC_0472
I adore apple and elderflower juice of any form, and if it were not for the fact I'd have had to lug it around Portobello Market all afternoon, I would have treated myself to a bottle. 
In the back they have a restaurant which I now really want to eat in, I can imagine that the food being served must be delicious, and I love an all organic fresh dish! 

As anyone eaten in Daylesford Organic before? I'd love some of your reviews or recommendations! They have another cafe in Pimlico and sell their product in Selfridges Food Hall, as well as having their farmshop and cafe in Daylesford, Gloucestershire. 


  1. Shops like this make me so happy - there was one up the road from my house at university. Yes, the food is expensive, but I remember the veg being double the size of anything I could buy in the supermarket. Onions as big as my head is what I call value for money! Hope you get to eat there before too long :). x

  2. I love all the food on show! So fresh and clean. Yummy!

    Suzi x

  3. studentandthecity14 March 2012 at 12:03

    I love gorgeous shops like this one! I try to buy organic whenever I can, it just tastes so much better!
    R xx

  4. Looks lovely, I love these posts that you do!

  5. Dog parking, I love it! That bread looks amazing...

  6. I quite often go to the original daylesford, the farm where it all happens. I can vouch for it being amazing food. My favourites are the toast and jam (their jam is beautiful!) boiled egg and soldiers, and brownies or cookies to take home with you! It's all wonderfully fresh and tasty x

  7. I remember this place! It looked amazing. I definitely want to go back properly.

  8. what a nice and quaint place to pick up organic well as enjoy at the restaurant in the back!


  9. Wow this looks delicious, it's a feast for my eyes since I can't venture in and indulge in these treats!