Thursday, 13 September 2012

Store Visit: Sugar Paper, Los Angeles

Back in July when I first featured the beautiful stationary created and carried by Sugar Paper, Los Angeles I just knew that their store had to be one of my first stop off points in the city to pick up some pretty notecards to send letters off to my friends and family back in England. I visited the store on the other side of Santa Monica Boulevard to Westfield, Century City, but aside from their online shop, they also have a store at Brentwood Country Mart (somewhere, incidentally, I'm also planning to visit soon!)
As it is on the way to Westfield for me, and as everyone who knows me knows that if you're me all roads lead to Westfield, I'll be stopping by here a lot - next, I think I might treat myself to a lovely pink and gold set of initial note cards and maybe a little something to throw in with my best friends birthday package. 
DSC_0358 DSC_0306
As well as note cards, they sell a whole host of lovely little home trinkets and gifts. My favourites in the store included their collection of lovely books on entertaining, design, food and cocktails (Emily Schuman's Cupcakes & Cashmere is going to be in stock soon they told me), and their selections of French Compagne De Provance Rose products. While they don't have my personal favourite, the bubble bath, they do have hand cream and hand soap pumps, and scented candles - I also might be back for the hand cream for my dresser... 
DSC_0300 DSC_0317
While Sugar Paper cards are pretty awesome, they do stock some others from some equally as awesome artisan print labels, I picked up specials from Rifle Paper Co. and Mr Boddington's Studio.
This is one of the cards I picked up in store - I really love the patterned envelope inserts on a lot of Sugar Paper cards, I've seen nothing like it in stores in London (but if you know of somewhere, please let me know!)

I am a little obsessed with stationary stores to be honest, so are there any other gems like this I need to know about in Los Angeles (or in London)? 


  1. One of the things I love most in the world is stationery...I want to visit this store so so bad! Hope you're having an amazing time in LA so far! It certainly looks like it! xx

  2. That looks like heaven! <3

  3. Nice. Is hard to find such a beautiful cards / stationary

  4. oh this is so pretty! I'm so jealous of all the choice you have in the US - paperchase is good but it's not enough!

  5. Wow this looks so amazing! Definitely pick up the Cupcakes and Cashmere book when they get it in stock. it's such a lovely book with so many amazing ideas and gorgeous photos! xx

  6. Great place to spend money ;) I love that shops! :D

  7. Ah I love stationary and I love buying cards for people - sometimes I spend a ridiculous amount of time choosing cards knowing full well, that the card will be forgotten in a day or two. Love the one you bought, the typography is lovely.

  8. I love a fun stationary shop, this looks amazing. I love rummaging through shelves stacked with pencils and pens, coloured inks, stamps, stickers, books....ahh stationary!