Friday, 20 February 2015

Weekly Love: Week 46

If you've ever wondered what sort of music I listen to while I'm in the kitchen, what constitutes my idea of the ultimate comfort food, or where my favourite places are in London to eat at the moment (you can find all of my 'Places To Eat In London' reviews here), the team at Recipes Plus caught up with me for a bit of a chat about my blog and where I get my kitchen inspiration from. You can read the interview here
Weekly Love 200215[1]
1. The blooms are starting to get colourful outside Liberty's. | 2. I've found my favourite Southern style barbecue at Porky's on Bankside. Full review to follow next week! | 3. Indulging with dippy eggs and anchovy butter soldiers. | 4. Meeting with the Shopstyle team to talk upcoming projects over juices at The Riding House Cafe. | 5. Enjoying the latest issue of Jamie Magazine with a fluffy pile of pancakes with fresh raspberries, and doused in maple syrup on Sunday morning. | 6. Long weekend country walks in the brilliant Kent sunshine.

Weekly Love 200215[2]
7. Technicolour displays of Prestat chocolate boxes in Liberty's. | 8. A simply divine lemon curd panna cotta with raspberry sorbet at the end of a simply amazing meal at Toto's in Knightsbridge. My review of the the restaurant should be up sometime next week, too! | 9. Digging into the eggs from my brunch post for Sunday lunch. | 10.  Campari and Blood Orange Juice while we perused the menu at Toto's. (I've got the recipe for this classic Italian cocktail here!) | 11. The Lindt press office was my Valentine this year, and I must say they do know how to woo a girl! | 12. Finally, a big thanks to the team at Jamie Magazine for including one of my Instagrams in the latest issue!

Something new for Weekly Love this week. I'm pretty much always looking at pretty new clothes, shoes, home, kitchen and beauty items online, or while I'm killing time at the shops between meetings in the city, or waiting for my train at the station. (I'm surprised more damage has not been done already to my bank balance with Joules, L'Occitane, The White Company, Jo Malone, Whistles and Aspinals all at St. Pancras!) So, at the end of each Weekly Love I'm going to be choosing five items I either already own and have been particularly loving over the past fortnight, or I've been lusting after in store. Call it my mini shopping edit, if you will! 
First up, my beautiful brand new Liberty Print Barbour. I've wanted a Barbour for years, and I've been wearing this super stylish number practically every day since I got it, both on long country walks and around London (the big pockets are great for stashing my phone and Oyster card for easy access!) In other coat news, I spied this beautiful bright yellow rain coat from Joules in Fenwick the other week. I know I already own a rain coat, and my new Barbour is waterproof. But, well, it's bright yellow!

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. Love how bright and colourful your photos are! :)

  2. I think I'm in love with Joy's diet. Actually, I'm in love with anything Joy does, and now i kind of want to move to New Orleans. My mother would probably kill me.
    Those maple candies also look amazing! I live in Ottawa, Canada, and they sell little candies like that in the market, and I always stock up. So good!

    Monica - Mocha and Moccasins

  3. Ooooooh my goodness! What a beautiful, delicious collection! Dippy eggs has been my breakfast of choice all month, I have some lovely egg cups from Joules which inspired me to use them more often ;) I managed to get a Liberty print Barbour in the sale last year and I absolutely love it, you don't see them around as much at all! Feeling full of the joys of spring after reading that! Katie x

  4. Jealous - I've wanted some Joules kitchen stuff for ages, it is all so bold and colourful. And I know, I only know one other person who has one, and not the same print as me. And they're so warm; I was super snuggly at the pub last night!

  5. The one with all the school lunches is interesting, but staged. Breakfast in Brazil is definitely not like that! Typically we have some form of bread with ham and cheese, or lots of fresh fruit, and kids love cereal. In some other parts of Brazil it's common to have tapioca, which is a cassava pancake which if filled with cheese for breakfast.

    That looks more like what we'd have for lunch. Don't think I ever remember having a day without rice and beans! Love the stuff and still make it all the time now that I love abroad!

    {Teffy's Perks}

  6. The article photographing school lunches is fantastic, such inspiration for my own lunches. There are some seriously lucky schoolchildren in Brazil.
    I haven't read your blog in weeks because I've been wrapped up in my travels, but how I have missed it! Especially your weekly love posts, they make me feel so up to date with things because you really have your finger on the pulse of the foodie world. How lucky am I to have all of these wonderful posts to catch up on?! Thank you Rachel! Rosie x

  7. That's really interesting. So there is no real tradition of really having that for breakfast, or that it is just not current?

  8. I'm sorry you missed it, but I hope you had some adventures. Enjoy the catching up! x

  9. No real tradition of that for breakfast really, not that I've ever seen! Definitely for lunch, but typical Brazilian breakfast (or at least how it's been for many years) is black coffee, jams, fresh fruit, and bread.

  10. my mama bought me a liberty print barbour for crimbo and I've worn it everyday on my dog walks, it's perfect and I love the folded up sleeve flowery pattern! I share your dippy egg loving also!

    Betty x

    The Betty Stamp