#susiesleavingdo: The Event

On Saturday, spread across 3 Central London venues Sherin and I hosted a leaving party meets blogger meet up for our friend Susie‘s leaving London party. 

Our first stop was Merkaba on Tottenham Court Road for a lovely and traditional afternoon tea. 


Susie was wearing an incredibly sparkly Disco Pony dress, and she looked amazing! It was backless, and I told her she just had to wear it to her party when she first posted about it


Susie, Reena & Fiona


Fritha, Jazmine & Harriet


I loved Fritha’s sparkly silver and gold crackle layer nails – please say she does a blog post about them like she says she will!


LucyKristabel & Jazmine


Lets just take a moment to talk about the amazing afternoon tea, which I would totally recommend and go back for!


As some of you may have noticed by now, a big thing for me are macarons. My favourite are raspberry, but actually the vanilla cream ones we had were pretty amazing!


Though I’m not actually one for sandwiches, and I don’t even like brown bread I could not get enough of these egg sandwiches!


The strawberry tea from these super luxe teabags was so tasty, I really need to find out where I can get my hands on some!


Sherin & Harriet


Some very lovely sponsors including Jon Richards, Lush, Matalan, Witch Skincare and Batiste Hair provided us with some pretty fantastic goodie bags – I’m going to tell you all about what was in them and thank everyone involved with putting them together properly in a separate post a bit later this week!


I think Fritha was particularly pleased with what came in her goodie bag…


Our next stop was for cocktails and nibbles in Cafe Luc. The drinks in there are so strong I’m pretty sure they could blow a lightweights head off!


Lily & Reena


After Cafe Luc, Pink Pigeon Rum were kind enough once again to host us in Circus, Covent Garden  for their Pink Runway cocktails.


There were different performers to the ones Sherin and I enjoyed on Tuesday night – first up with had a super talented hula hoop girl who was fascinating to watch.


Susie totally blended into the decor in her sequin dress…


The second act was a male acrobat performing on a suspended ring – except for the fire eater on Tuesday night, the best performer we’d seen in there so far! 

After Circus we all followed Daniela on a trek around Covent Garden as she led the way to Wagamamas – the perfect late night meal!

Though a thank you post is to come, I just wanted to thank everyone who sponsored the event, helped out and finally came so we could make it such a special day for Susie – we’re going to really miss her!