Happy Diamond Jubilee Weekend To Her Majesty The Queen

I remember the day in my early teens when I saw the Queen in the flesh. I was watching her and the rest of the Royal Family ride by in carriages to the chapel at Windsor Castle out of a friends upstairs window in the Horseshoe Cloister as she arrived to perform the Knights Of The Garter ceremony. I know it may sound silly, especially coming from someone like me with such cynical political views (as those of you who follow me on Twitter will be well aware), but I am honoured to have seen her. My patriotism and love for the monarchy aside, she truly is a remarkable woman; to have done a job that she did not ask for or even expect for so long with such poise, dignity and grace. She is truly amazing, and I think it is only right that we take the next four days to honour her and truly celebrate her regin in true British fashion. 


Now, in my family we don’t really observe Bank Holidays, or indeed any holidays aside from Christmas (because I loved the pretty tree when I was little. I still do) and Easter (I know it is supposed to be a religious festival, but chocolate is my religion) so while we have the utmost love and respect for the Queen, we had not really planned to do anything to celebrate past perhaps catching snippets of the barges going down the Thames on television as we go about our extended weekend. So, when Asda got in touch with me about joining in with a special Jubilee Blog Party, I thought it would be something really fun to get involved in. 



My mother and I made a Victoria Sponge cake to mark the occasion, and I am totally infatuated with this beautiful box of Emma Bridgewater fudge that the team at Asda sent over to me. 


As well as sending me some bits that made it possible to put together this lovely looking afternoon tea table in one of the Pilgrims Nook cottages, they asked us all to choose a dress from their collection to represent one of the eras of the Queens reign: Welcome to the Seventies, flower power anyone?  


Printed Maxi Dress: c/o George at Asda, Floral Crown: c/o Urban Outfitters

In other news, do you remember the awesome turquoise skull bracelet I featured in this outfit post? Your Fashion Jewellery, the site that sent it to me are offering in celebration of the Jubilee a special 30% off discout to blog readers, just enter blogger30 at the checkout! Motel Rocks are also offering 25% off of everything if you enter JUBILEE25 at the checkout, and Wallpaper Rose are offering 20% off with the code JUBILEE!

Have a great jubilee weekend (I’d love it if you Tweeted me pictures of what you get up to, I don’t live on a street so I can’t really have a street party), and God Save The Queen.