Spitalfields and The Hummingbird Bakery

This afternoon I headed over to Spitalfields with my blogger friend Elodie to visit The Hummingbird Bakery and to have a little wonder around the area. 


I was quite excited – in spite of being a big fan of baking out of my Hummingbird cookbook and a few mini cakes I had at a Lime Crime lipstick launch, I’d never actually sampled a Hummingbird cake or visited one of their infamous bakeries before!

The cakes in store put my icing skills (which I thought were pretty amazing before) to shame!

The Spitalfields location of Hummingbird is hidden down Frying Pan Alley. We British have the best street names!
We both loved the pretty pink Hummingbird takeaway cups out delicious (but scaldingly hot) berry tea came in.

I had the special of the day, a Brooklyn Blackout (chocolate sponge with chocolate custard on top) and a Red Velvet cupcake to take home with me and eat later. It was totally delicious, and remind me why that particular recipe is not in my Hummingbird book?!

After gorging on the cupcakes we took a little wonder and we came across these two women in a box. As you do. We were not quite sure why they were there – you get all sorts in Shorditch!
There were also some awesome giant white bunnies with gold eyes. Because every locality needs some giant white bunnies!  


These fresh flowers were so beautiful – I really wish I’d had the facilities to take some home with me!


We wondered around to the Lomography store because I had some film I’d left there to get developed last time I was in Spitalfields to pick up. 


How adorable are these key rings? I want a pink one, just like my Lomo to put on my flat keys!


Brick Lane is on my way home from Spitalfields, so I pointed out some of the brilliant shops I had discovered when I was with my friend Catharine and her boyfriend a few weekends ago. This is Brick lane Bookshop, aka. my new favourite bookshop! It reminds me a lot of The King’s English, an amazing and individual indie bookshop in Canterbury that used to be right outside my school gate but sadly closed down. 

What did you order the last time you where in The Hummingbird Bakery? What would you recommend? Are there any shops in Spitalfields or Brick Lane you really thing I should check out?