An Interior Design Project (Pilgrims Nook Holiday Cottages)

A couple of days before Christmas we had what had to have been the busiest 48 hours in the office so far.  I have not really blogged about it before, but my new job is working as the PR and Marketing Director of Pilgrims Homes Holiday Cottages, a small holiday cottage company I am running with my parents and will open in April – we’ve already started taking bookings!


Each cottage is names after one of the Canterbury Tales, and our task was to prepare The Miller from looking something akin to a building site to being ready for a photo shoot for the brochure. We got it all done in time, and the photographer came and went. After she’d finished, it was my turn to shoot the images for our website, some of which I thought I’d share with you! 


So this is the main living are of The Miller complete with kitchen.  I love how white and wood everything is – I’m  going to try and shoot a few food features in here when there are not customers staying in here, as the photos will come out so much better than they would in my kitchen.


This fruit bowl display is quite literally my masterpiece. My mother and I came up with the idea for it together, and I made it. I was so happy with the way it looked in the end,  almost as happy as I was eating all of the fruit after the shoot!


The cupcakes in the dome I made out of the Hummingbird Cake Days book, and they’re a special lemon and cranberry festive edition, complete with lemon and chopped cranberries in the frosting.


I am very jealous of all of the  en-suite bathrooms. This one belongs to the master bedroom  and I adore the square sink; the one in the main bathroom is round.  I also wish the incredible glass shower that takes up the whole wall behind where I was standing to take this photo had come out looks as good as it does in real life in the pictures.


I love how clean and  simple, but so in keeping with the fresh farmhouse look we were going for when doing the interiors the wooden furniture is. I was very happy to hear that my Dad got some extra pieces of it to go in our house in France, where I’m sure that it is going to look fantastic.


Another thing we sourced that I quite want for myself are these beautiful rich wool throw rugs that are on the end of every bed in The Miller, and I’m planning on getting for every bed in the other three cottages as well. They come in this lovely purple, which is my personal favourite, a red pink that is on both of the single beds in the second small room (next door, not pictured. This is actually the single room, but the pull out bed is pictured in this photo) and a pretty blue which is in the master bedroom. They can be purchased for £80 each from John Lewis.  

These are just the interiors. I rather wish I could live in one of these cottages to be honest. Each has a flat screen television bigger than my fathers one (and that is saying something), Wii’s, assess to a heated indoor swimming pool with a hot tub and lots of lovely other extras we’re currently working on for our guests. 

You can book now to come and stay in The Miller, which is located near Canterbury and Dover in the beautiful Kentish Countryside from April via Mulberry Cottages, or in The Squire, The Franklin or The Knight, pictures of which to follow in the next few weeks, also from April. Our website will be launched by the end of the month (well, I hope I have managed to finish building it by then!) as well as our blog which will feature information on local attractions, what is going on at the cottages and lots and lots of resturant reviews for the Canterbury area – I’ll let you all know as soon as they launch! 

What do you think of the interiors we’ve designed for The Miller? We’re still working on similar for The Knight, The Franklin and The Squire, so all of us in the office would love your feedback!