Student Suppers: Super Easy Meat Free Chilli

I love a good Mexican, but I find making Mexican food at home is tough, and hard to get right unless you’re willing to get everything right out of a packet or a jar. (Fajitas? Guilty as charged.) However, I recently discovered this uber easy formula for meat free chilli that is super easy to make, super healthy and you can make in a great big pot and store in the fridge to keep you going for a few days.
Super Easy Meat Free Chilli

You can melt cheese over to top of it or serve it with nachos, whatever you like really, but I like mine with a big dollop of soured cream and a couple of warm toasted pitta breads. This recipe makes 4 big bowls or 5 side bowls of chilli.

You will need two 400g tins or cartons of chopped tomatoes in their juice, two big 400g tins of mixed beans or pulses in water, a little olive oil, a yellow pepper, a white onion, Cajun spice mix, and soured cream and pittas to serve.

First, roughly chop the onion and the yellow pepper, and rinse through both tins of beans.

Gently fry the onions and the pepper in about half a tablespoon of olive oil until the onions start to soften. Then add the tomatoes and beans to the pan.

Stir well, then add two tablespoons full of Cajun spice mix. Stir again then allow to cook for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Ladle into bowls and serve. This recipe is adapted from BBC Good Food.

If you decide to give this chilli a go, let me know – I love hearing how your meals turn out when you try recipes from my blog!