Places To Eat In Canterbury: The Rose Inn, Wickhambreaux

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I’m a 100% British, 100% country girl at heart, so there is nothing I like better than a good traditional meal in a good English pub. Last weekend was the first time I’d eaten at The Rose Inn, the local village pub of the beautiful little village of Wickhambreaux, just outside Canterbury. I had been promised that the food was fantastic, and the moment I walked in I loved that the atmosphere was that of a ‘real’ country pub, not the imitations that have been cropping up in recent years, or landlords have tried to recreate in Central London with simply unauthentic results. 


For our starter, both Kathryn and I had filo pastry wrapped king prawns with sweet chilli dip. The prawns were hot, delicious and perfect and I want another serving of them just looking at the picture again! The chilli sauce they had chosen to accompany the prawns was the perfect balance of sweet with a slight but not overpowering kick, and I really want to know how to make the unsurpassable honey and mustard dressing they used on the side salad. 


Kathryn went for the calamari with home cut chips and garlic mayo dip. I tried a bit and it was cooked perfectly, and you really get great value for money with it. The dip had just the right measure of garlic, and again it came with some of that delicious salad dressing. 


I strayed slightly from traditional pub fayre and had plaice cooked in prawns and lemon butter that was fantastic. You could really taste all the individual flavours, and my only qualms were that you had to disassemble the fish rolls to take the skin off, and the way they were positioned on the plate meant that they got quite cold quickly. 


I always judge a pub on its homemade chips, and The Rose Inn did not disappoint. They came in generous and plentiful portions, and were very nice and crispy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. I think they must have been double fried, and like the prawns I could eat another portion right now. 

Where is your favourite type of place to eat out on a casual weekend?