Swimwear For Girls With A Bigger Bust

Everyone knows how obsessed I am with Forever 21. They have some fantastically printed, brightly coloured bikinis at such great prices in at the moment but there is only one problem. I doubt you’d be able to fit into them if you’re anything more than a C cup, at a push. You know the beautiful swimwear I featured from TAVIK last month? DD at a push, if you get creative and you’re selective with the styles.  In my post in January, ‘Lingerie For Girls With A Bigger Bust‘ I complained that the mainstream should realise that girls are sometimes smaller than a 32 back, and bigger than a D cup. The problem is still there, albiet a bit worse with swimwear, as you actually have to move around in the water in your bikini, and if there is an accidental slip, there are not any clothes to cover it up! This season I was happy to discover ASOS now do bikini’s up to an F cup (still unfair to girls FF and up though!) but it still took me a long time to find a cute bikini I liked and I could still swim lengths and play around in the sea in. 


Figleaves Sailor Striped Halter Neck Bikini Top: £28, Figleaves Sailor Striped Bikini Short: £18

Though I was not that enamoured for the styles for myself this year, Bravissimo is usually my favourite place to shop with their beautiful styles in practically all sizes. If only this pretty pink bikini came in a rich purple… 

Bravissimo Pink Bikini: from £50, Bravissimo Pureda Cote D’Azur Bikini: from £52, Bravissimo Free Calypso Bikini: from £58

As I mentioned, ASOS now to a ‘DD+’ range on their site which I have not tried myself, but look pretty awesome with some great prints varying styles and the option of buying high waisted bottoms (very flattering) with some designs – I really want to get a navy high waisted pair of bottoms to wear with my new Figleaves bikini top (if you see a pair, let me know where!)


ASOS 50’s Underwater Print Halterneck Bikini Top: £20, ASOS 50’s Underwater print Bikini Bottoms: £14ASOS Hibiscus Print Fuller Bust Bikini Top: £18, ASOS Hibiscus Print High Waisted Bikini Bottoms: £14, ASOS Leaf Print Halter Bigger Bust Bikini Top: £11, ASOS Leaf Print High Waisted Bikini Bottoms: £14

Finally, for flattering one pieces we have the store my bikini is from, Figleaves. The first black swimsuit comes in a range of bra sizes and I think is wonderfully sexy, the peach Seafolly number is from the core range but is suitable for bigger busted ladies, and is the lovely black halter suit from Figleaves’ own range. 


Empreinte Naples Black Swimsuit: £124, Seafolly Peach Swimsuit: £92, Figleaves Halter Draped Swimsuit: £55

Those of you who are like me and are quite limited by the swimwear you can buy, have you bought your Summer swimwear yet? Where did you buy it from, and where do you usually look? (P.S. If you fit regular bikini sizes, I’m currently giving away a Volcom aquamarine bikini!)