Swimwear For Girls With A Bigger Bust (2013 Edition)

As promised and as by popular request I’ve decided to put together a 2013 edition of the post I wrote last June on where to buy and my picks for the upcoming Summer (if you’re in Europe) and current (if you are here with me on the West Coast) swimwear if you, like me are one of us girls with a bigger bust and for whom just swanning into Topshop to pick up a new bikini or swimsuit is simply not an option. (If you are fortunate enough not to fall into this category lots of these styles are also made in sizes smaller than a DD cup, and you can also check out the post I wrote earlier this year with my picks of swimwear I would buy if I were like you!)


Pureda Portofino Bikini Top: £34, Pureda Portofino Bikini Briefs: £22

This fantastic two piece that I fell in love with the moment I saw it on the Bravissimo website is my number one pick for the Summer, and at the time of writing the bikini top should be on its way to me in Los Angeles to wear on Santa Monica beach. As quite a lot of the time when I’m not going in the water I wear just a bikini top instead of a bra with high waisted shorts by the coast I did not order the bottoms; I felt that the striped meant that the top would mix and match quite nicely from my two piece from last Summer.


Free Honolulu Bikini Top: £36, Free Honolulu Bikini Briefs: £23,, Bravissimo San Marino Swimsuit: £45

Especially if you are UK based (though I am using their quite reasonable £8-ish international shipping this year) Bravissimo is my favourite place to shop for all things underwired. They have a great selection from some big swimwear and lingerie brands like Freya and Panache as well as some lovely own design pieces, and hard to find anywhere else swimwear during the Summer months. They have a great catalogue and website, but if I remember correctly they have brick and mortar stores and there is one in Covent Garden. 


Figleaves Midnight Grace Heidi Underwired Halter Bikini Top: £28 / $42, Figleaves Santa Maria Underwired Twist Bandeau: £28 / $42, Figleaves Sophina Twilight Underwired Padded Bikini Top: £32 / $48

Figleaves (which for my American readers also have a USA site) was my swimwear destination last year. They are a lot like Bravissimo, but with a lot more choice, but not with as good product photographs which is why, call me shallow, I usually look at Bravissimo first. The first bikini on the left is actually a new season pattern of the style I brought last year and I’ve been really, really happy with it. It is not brilliant if you want to actually swim lengths in in a pool (you may fall out!), but for playing around in the water, sitting in a hot tub or sunbathing on the beach and walking along the boardwalk, I have found it has been perfect. The fit is really good and flattering, and it has been comfortable enough for me to wear it at the beach all day without it pulling or digging in anywhere. It is from their ‘Midnight Grace’ own brand design collection, and off the back of this I would really recommend these styles.

Figleaves Midnight Grace Heidi Underwired Halterneck Swimsuit: £40 / $60

If you are more of a one piece kind of gal, while I don’t think they had them last year, this year the ‘Midnight Grace’ collection has some rather awesome swimsuits in stock which correspond with their bikini styles; so you can have any design you want in the style you feel the most comfortable with and with full support.

Bodyglove Ray Of Light Bikini Top: $58, Bodygove Sealine Bikini Top: $57, Bodyglove Smoothies Sea Blue Bikini Top: $52

One of my readers recommended surfer brand Bodyglove for larger cup size styles in the USA. I love these fun colourful styles, even if the pictures are a bit more vegas than high fashion. Also, because they are a surf brand I think they should probably be quite versatile for actually doing things other than just sunbathing, too!

ASOS Black Mix and Match 50’s Halter Padded Fuller Bust Bikini Top: £14 / $23.28, ASOS Mix and Match Side Tie Bikini Pant: £8 / $13.30, ASOS Fringed Fuller Bust Bikini Top: £16 / $26.60, ASOS Mix and Match Hipster Bikini Pant: £7 / $11.62, ASOS Mix and Match Twist Bandeau Fuller Bust Orange Bikini Top: £9 / $14.46

Ever since ASOS introduced their fuller bust swimwear range and started stocking other DD+ lines they have been the obvious choice for swimwear. Their basics are good value (just see the styles above, us bigger girls never used to be able to even contemplate things like fringing or and bandeau) and come in great mix and match options. This black, and the blue and white 50’s style below are super flattering styles for girls like us.

Sunseeker Tropicana Print Balconette Bikini Top: £41.90 / $69.66, Sunseeker Tropicana Print V Boy Leg Bikini Short: £29.90 / $49.71, ASOS Floral Embellished Longline Fuller Bust Bikini Top: £24 / $39.90, ASOS Floral Embelished High Waisted Bikini Pant: £16 / $26.60, ASOS 50’s Contrast Padded Fuller Bust Bikini Top: £16 / $26.60, ASOS High Waisted Bikini Pant: £14 / $23.28


Boux Avenue Lanzarote Bow Bikini Top: £24, Boux Avenue Bow Back Lanzarote Bikini Briefs: £12

I am aware that perhaps with the exception of ASOS, most of the brands and options I have listed come with higher price tags than average, and that is usually something us bigger girls unfortunately have to put up with. However, while the quality may not be as great as some of my favourite brands (though it is no different to the quality of an H&M bikini, for example) and I don’t personally shop there myself, Boux Avenue is a great site to find bigger cup size swimwear. For example, this neon green bikini comes to a total of £36, about the price of your average DD+ bikini top. I’d recommend going for something like this if you just want it for a single occasion or quick holiday when you don’t go on a lot of beach holidays, or you don’t have access to a beach or a pool regularly and you won’t get that much use out of it.

A parting note to some of my bigger busted readers; have you picked out your swimsuit for this year yet, and where will you be wearing it? Mine is destined for Santa Monica Beach, maybe the beach back in Kent and one or two pool parties slash barbecues.