You Need To Know About: Sugar Paper, Los Angeles

I love beautiful stationary. I always have done, always will. I remember when I was a kid, I used to spend all of my pocket money on pretty pens, notepaper, cards and files in Paperchase. And then I discovered the internet. Now, I think the only hand written notes I send to people in the post are scribbled birthday cards I purchased last minute (only while I’m writing this do I realise that it is really awful that I don’t put nearly as much care into choosing the card as I do choosing the gift) and brief thank you notes when I myself have received something in turn. I’d already resolved that as I am about to move half way around the world my friends and family will be hearing a lot more from me than usual via snail mail, and thanks to my discovery that Sugar Paper, Los Angeles have a store in walking distance (well, about 25 minutes) from my new apartment, that is going to make my resolution a hell of a lot easier.

Set Of 6 Pink Thank You Notes: $16, ‘Hi There’ Card: $6, Yellow & Pink Birthday Card: $6, Blue Calligraphy Birthday Card: $6, Set of 10 Monogrammed Notecards: $28

How pretty and unique are these cards? They do festive designs too, so I’m thinking I get a set of notecards to say thank you after Christmas and after my birthday, birthday cards for all my friends and family, and some general hello cards for little updates throughout the year? 


Set of 18 Gift Tags: $24, Ampersand Art Print: $40, Los Angeles Print: $50, Pink 2013 Desk Calendar: $52

As well as notecards, Sugar Paper also do some pretty great alternative paper goodies. I always find it hard to find some cool and unique gift tags, and I’d absolutely love to receive gift embellished with one of these ‘For You’ cards. However, I’m stupidly tempted by one of their art prints for my new Los Angeles apartment (wither this Los Angeles text one, or this Los Angeles map print) and one of these card stand calendars for my desk at home once I return next July. 

Where do you like to buy your stationary?