10 Things I Love So Far About Living In Los Angeles

So, while it is Monday morning in the UK, it is still Sunday night here for me in Los Angeles, my wonderful new city I have just spent the first 24 hours in! After my new roommates collected me from LAX, we ordered in pizza and I collapsed in bed, I spent the weekend exploring my new neighbourhood, shopping for essentials and soaking up some sunshine! I’m almost settled, so expect to see a lot more LA posts soon!


1. My new campus, UCLA is quite literally out of almost every single movie or TV show made in America about college life, ever. Also, the buildings are just beautiful – it is so empty at the moment as it is Sunday and school has not really started yet, but I can’t wait for it to fill with people, and for my classes to start. 

2. I can get UCLA branded sweatpants/ trackies in Victorias Secret. I have one around the block from me, and how nice the store is just blows the monstrosities that are the London stores out of the water. I will be back for more work out clothes once I’ve explored my apartment buildings gym and got into a routine.
palms 3. There are palm trees everywhere. They may be imported, but it does not stop them being awesome and putting a massive smile on my face.

4. It is very difficult to get lost here, because all the roads are blocks – everything is square, and so many of the street names are famous.

5. The weather is Summer holiday style. Yesterday (my earlier today) it reached a high of 88/70. That is basically the hottest day of the year in England, and it is normal here.
6. I live within walking distance of several Starbucks so I can get one every morning when I leave my apartment. Also, it is so cheap. If a drink costs £2.75 in England, it costs $2.75 here. 

7. I am also starting to get a tan, without even trying. However, I do need to remember to put SPF on my face every morning now! 

8. My iPhone, a screen protector, Apple Care and my first months phone bill cost less than just a UK iPhone.  


9. My building reminds me of the hotel I stayed in in Barbados one Summer. This can only be a good thing.

10. Everyone is so friendly. At the checkout at the store people ask you how your day has been, people start conversations with you while you’re waiting to cross the road. Once you get over how different it is compared to England, it is actually really nice and really improves your day.

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