Places To Eat In Los Angeles: Toast, West Hollywood

I think I have found my new favourite restaurant in Los Angeles. Before visiting I’d heard a lot about Toast on the West Hollywood stretch of the stylish 3rd Street; that the food was amazing, and that is was where all the ‘cool’ people and ‘celebrities’ hung out. However, it was when my friend Evie, a friend from London, visiting from the San Francisco sat down to peruse our menus, and could both smell all of the absolutely delicious food being delivered to the tables around us did we know that we were going to really, really enjoy our meal.


While there was simply so much on the menu we both could have happily eaten our way through, we both ended up going for a serving of Shakshuka; beautifully presented in miniature skillets and serves with lots of warm, fresh bread to scoop up the delicious roasted tomatoes, garlic and the deliciously runny eggs. There are also other food pictures in this post. Okay, so we may or may not have eaten at Toast twice that week…


I like that Los Angeles is a place that, regardless of the time of year you can choose to sit in the sunshine.


Each breakfast egg dish on the menu comes with a choice of a chopped salad, fried potatoes or fruit on the side. Evie did not want hers, so I chose to have the potatoes and the salad as it was supposed to be a lunchtime affair. However, looking across at other tables next time I thought I was going to get an Egg Scramble and some fruit on the side, but we actually went back for another lunch at Toast later in the week.

Served with sweet potato fries, I think Toast’s Classic Hamburger has to be one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. It was sweet, succulent  meaty and perfectly cooked to the medium rare I requested. I cannot think how they could have made it better! It might have ruined me for all other burgers in the future.

Second time round Evie went for the granola. She gave me a piece. It was rather delicious! Also, served with fresh fruit and yogurt, doesn’t it look like the ultimate brunch dish? Those sliced strawberries and blueberries are making my mouth water by just looking at the photo.

Angelenos, or anyone else who regularly visits Los Angeles on a regular basis, if you have not already been for a meal at Toast, do so as soon as possible; I promise you you won’t regret, or forget it! Toast can be found at 8221 West 3rd Street between North La Cienega Boulevard and South Crescent Heights Boulevard.