Places To Eat In Los Angeles: Joan’s On Third, West Hollywood

The problem about not living in London this year, is that I really, really miss eating in and picking up little foodie treats to take home with me from Ottolengi’s. However, I think I might have found a pretty fantastic Los Angeles alternative in Joan’s on Third; the famous Italian inspired deli on West Hollywood’s stretch of 3rd Street. I had a fantastic lunch there sitting at their big communal table, and gazed longingly at all the takeaway goodies in their class cabinets. I think I regret not sampling more of their luscious cakes!
Their cold salads ans meats display had me standing there for a very, very long time trying to decide what to have for lunch. In the end I decided to go for one of their sandwiches off of the board, as looking around me everyone munching on one looked very, very satisfied. However, I feel I will be popping back in for some salads to take away with me and eat at home the next time I find myself in the area!
I ended up going for their Prosciutto, Mozzarella and Roasted Pepper sandwich, and I chose to have it on toasted French bread. While all the bread in Joan’s was nice and authentic  most American bread has so much sugar and preservative packed into it I’ve got into the habit of ordering French style bread most of the time; it is the one they screw up the least! Based on this sandwich, I will also be having more Joan’s sandwiches in the future; it was divine and very filling – if I had not been so hungry at the time, I might have taken the second half of it away with me to eat for dinner that night – talk about American portion sizes!
Evie ordered an incredible slice of Joan’s carrot cake. I wish I’d had the carrot cake too. She offered me a bite, and I have to say that it is the very best carrot cake I have ever tasted in my entire life. I need the recipe in my life. If you are at all a carrot cake fan you live in Los Angeles, or you are coming to Los Angeles any time soon, you need to make the pilgrimage. The cake is rich, delicious and moist. The frosting is sweet, without being too sweet and it looks absolutely incredible on the plate. My mouth is watering even writing about it!

Angelenos, what is your favourite thing to order from Joan’s on Third? Is there anything you’d really recommend to me? My roommate says the Lemon Slices are also divine. Joan’s on Third can be found at 8350 West 3rd Street.