Recipe: Huevos Rancheros from the Lakeland Magazine iPad App

I think the earliest signs of my love of cooking was how much I loved reading certain pieces of my mothers post at the weekend breakfast table. The first thing I always grabbed was pretty normal; her BBC Good Food Magazine subscription. The other thing I enjoyed rifling through was slightly more strange but I enjoyed it none the less; the Lakeland Limited catalogue, in the days before they started opening stores up and down the country. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with what Lakeland has to offer, let me introduce you to a kitchen lovers heaven. Lakeland stock everything you could possibly want from the latest cake moulds and non stick pans, some of the best cling film I have ever used, preserve jars and labels  cake decorations, ice cream makers and juicers, and other little kitchen gadgets that you never knew you needed until you came across it in their catalogue. My grandmother while she was alive was a particular fan; if Lakeland had brought out a new time saving gadget, you could guarantee you could find it in her kitchen. They also sell gourmet foods at Christmas, and a whole range of clever and hard to find cleaning products, but I hate cleaning so who cares.


For my American readers who won’t have come across a Lakeland store or had a catalogue come through their letterboxes, Lakeland is basically Williams Sonoma, but just so much better. However, enough of my rambling about the store (I promise you this is not a sponsored post!) Today I wanted to introduce you to something that has been around about a year, but as I have only recently taken possession of an iPad, I have only just found out about; Lakeland’s amazing (and free) magazine app on the newsstand which shares four seasonal issues a year full of great recipes, stunning food photography, entertaining ideas and some information and history about whatever is seasonal. iPad users can find it in the app store by searching for ‘Lakeland Magazine’ and as well as the current Summer issue, you can download all of the issues from the last year. I’m a little obsessed, and I think this has to be the best free find I’ve had for the iPad so far.


While I have a long list, especially from the current issue (which includes features on barbecuing, seafood, Greek food and ice cream) of things to try from it if is their Mexican food feature I’m particularly interested in, because in case you had not noticed I’m on a bit of a Mexican food kick at the moment! I thought I’d share with you from the magazine their recipe for Huevos Rancheros which I enjoyed as a delicious and filling Sunday morning brunch last weekend (I think this would be a great hang over cure dish with the chilli kicked up another notch) I’ve screen capped the feature rather than typed out the recipe, so you can get a feel for the apps layout and stunning photography. As you can see from my own picture of my egg and potatoes in this post, this recipe is easily quartered to be made for one in a ramekin. I also discovered mid week when I was running late for class but I had not eaten yet that day if you fry your egg and add the potatoes and the egg to a tortilla wrap instead of baking you will have made the best variation on a breakfast burrito ever.


I honestly can’t wait to try a lot more recipes from the app, especially this Summer when I go back to England and I will have a fully equipped kitchen at my disposal. I’ve found since getting the iPad it has been amazing to have it in the kitchen with me while cooking off of blogs. Paid apps wise, I love my Evernote Food subscription which streams all my bookmarked recipes into one, but I think this is the best free app I have. Do any other fellow iPad users have any more foodie recommendations for me?