Weekly Love: Week 122

It has been a good couple of weeks; the first of which enjoying all that London has to offer and the second in the countryside. Here was me being all smug that I’d avoided the tube strike, then I realised that we have next week to deal with. Hopefully my Burger & Lobster reservation won’t come to nothing! Anyway, I’ve got another piece of food television for you to absorb/ obsess over. Russell Norman (whom London foodies will know as the guy behind Mishkins, Polpo, Ape & Bird) in The Restaurant Man consults on people who want to start their own restaurants. It is a fascinating look into what goes into setting up a restaurant, and I am hooked. For some reason the first episode is no longer on BBC iPlayer, but the second episode is available to watch now


1. My £10 flower haul from Columbia Road Flower Market which looked beautiful on my desk all week. | 2. My amazing drippy eggs and anchovy soldiers from Beagle in Hoxton. | 3. The view out over the Kentish fields surrounding the farm on my walk to the postbox in the village. | 4. Sharing seafood starters for lunch at The Shakespeare in Canterbury. | 5. A sneaky afternoon frozen yogurt treat from Snog in South Kensington after a Sunday morning spent wandering around the V&A. | 6. An early morning trip to my fishmonger, Furness Fish at Borough Market.


7. A lovely lunch of pork schnitzel, smoked eel and spritzers at Boopshi’s in Fitzrovia. | 8. Sunday afternoon sundown over the Serpentine. | 9. Watching Jun Tanaka put together some Japanese home dishes in the Sainsbury’s HQ test kitchen. There should be a few dishes inspired by what he made for us coming your way in the next month or so! | 10. Enjoying a lovely Domaine Les Grands Bois Cotes du Rhone with dinner at the farm c/o the guys at Supertravel. It is one of the wines they serve in their ski chalets. | 11. Cocktails with some of you guys at Reverend JW Simpson off Goodge Street to celebrate this blogs 5th birthday. | 12. A Saturday afternoon spent looking around my favourite gallery in London, the Saatchi.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m dressing up in black tie tomorrow night for an event which I’ve been looking forward to for a while, and depending on how late I stay up dancing will depend on if I even make it out for Sunday lunch; brunch might be a little optimistic!