Weekly Love: Week 123

I spent a few days in London first, going to class and catching up with old friends over lunch and dinner, but yesterday I got back from spending some time visiting family out on the Isle Of Man. This essentially has meant for me cooking, working on my dissertation, watching TV with my grandfather and playing copious amount of Farm Heroes on my iPad, which my Aunt has got me hooked on! Such a time waster, but good in study breaks. On a side note the nominations for the Homies awards close tomorrow, so I’d also really appreciate it if you could take a moment out of your day to head over and nominate ‘Rachel Phipps’ as your favourite ‘Blog From Abroad’. It will only take a few moments, and I’d really appreciate your support!

Weekly Love 210214[1]

1. Sunday afternoon with sushi, the Sunday papers (The Sunday Telegraph and Waitrose Kitchen free with my My Waitrose card, The Sunday Times on my iPad) and Porter Magazine. | 2. I’m a big fan of Pret’s new Super Smoothies. I love this one with Avocado, Spinach, Apple, Pear and Cucumber. | 3. Waking up to this view over the Irish Sea on Ballaugh Shore, Isle Of Man. | 4. A delicious rabbit and creme fraiche dish for lunch at Jamie’s Italian, Gatwick. Lunch and Jamie’s Italian and a bottle of Merlot really improved the whole airport experience! | 5. Again at Jamie’s Italian, Autumn Pavalova with smashed hazelnut brittle, zesty cream and limencello soaked berries. | 6. Grabbing a little bit of whatever looks good for lunch from Ottolenghi’s in Islington.


I know lots of you comment on my Instagram that you’d love some recommendations of what to do and eat in my beautiful historic home town of Canterbury. Over on Nicole’s website Eat This Poem this week she published a foodie literary guide to Canterbury I put together at the end of last year with all of my favourite spots and insider local tips around the city as part of her City Guides series. Some of my other favourites on her site include Nicole’s own guide to Los Angeles (I love you my second city), and Oxford, written by one of my favourite food bloggers, Emma from Poires Au Chocolat

WeeklyLove 210214[2] copy copy

7. Mist over the mountains on the Isle of Man. | 8. Delicious rose wine and peach vodka cocktails at Burger & Lobster. | 9. A little preview of a little something I threw together at the weekend for Monday’s blog post. Chocolate tempering happened. | 10. Curling up with Nigella in the conservatory during an essay writing break. | 11. A nice clear, sunny day along Ballaugh Shore. | 12. Ballaugh Old Church at The Cronk. So beautiful, and has rectors listed inside the church dating back to 1408, but the first historical mention of the church is in 1231. When I want to clear my head and I don’t fancy walking down to the shore, I like to wander around the cemetery and read the headstones. The earliest I’ve found there dates from 1691.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m going to work on one of my upcoming recipes for Great British Chefs tomorrow, and I’m heading back into the city on Sunday ready for a week of class, breakfast meetings, recipe development and brunches.