Gift Guide: Fathers Day 2014

It’s that time of year again. I’m simply terrible at buying gifts for guys, and usually end up on falling back on the old favourites of a bottle of something, or chocolate. I learnt along time again that most men, my father included love chocolate as much as us girls. Fathers Day this year falls on June 15th, and thankfully for me it is the last family gift giving occasion I need to worry about until Christmas. Yay for Spring birthdays!

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014

Cockburns 2003 Vintage Port: £40, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Transformer: £27 / $34Royal Selangor Pewter Tankard: £99, Barbour Stainless Steel Tartan Cover Hip Flask: £32.29, Drinks Monitor Old School Badge: £3.99, Hotel Chocolat For My Dad Chocolate Selection Box: £9, Gentlemen’s Hardware Wash Bag: £30, Culinary Concepts Gun Cartridge Salt & Pepper Set: £27.50, Retro Vinyl Coasters: £12

Obviously as it is my go to, I had to include a bottle of something in here somewhere. Yes, I’ve pretty much only chosen Cockburns Port because my Dad drinks it, but it is pretty much a Dad drink anyway, isn’t it. If he is more of a gin person I’d recommend Martin Miller’s. In retrospect, looking at the graphic I have put together, I’m very sorry for those of you who are looking for gift ideas and you have a Dad who does not drink; we’ve got port, a hip flask, a tankard, ‘Drinks Monitor’ badge (that looks exactly like my old school ‘House Captain’ badge) and drinks coasters shaped like old records, because if you’re in your 20’s like me, our Dads are that sort of age, aren’t they?

Something that I have not included here, but I think would make a nice thoughtful, bit more personalised gift without having to get something that is actually personalised, are old school and club socks. Presents For Men have so many great British school’s official colours for sale, some members clubs and a snazzy Help For Hero’s pair. Though I’m not a guy, because I’m totally down with my old school colours I actually want to order a pair for myself to wear inside and over the top of my long leather boots or inside my Hunters in the Autumn. 

The joke is, is I’ve come up with a few different ideas here to suit plenty of different Dads, but I still don’t have a clue what I’m going to get my own! Is anyone else still as stuck for ideas as I am, or are you all sorted already? I usually come up with presents way in advance, but this year I’ve failed a little!