Holiday Gift Guide: For The Londoner

So, today for the third instalment of my holiday gift guide series (click here to read my guide For The Total Bookworm, and click here to read my guide For Him) I want to focus on some gifts that I’m sure that we’d all love, but are a little bit city specific for all you Londoners out there who read my blog. I know I’m no longer really one of you, but about 20% of you do live in the city. A little bit of number crunching for you there. Shall we get onto the presents? I totally want all of these, by the way. 

Holiday Gift Guide for The Londoner 2014

J.Crew Gift Card | Whistle & Bango Postcode Bangles: £69 | Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm For Lips: £11.50 | J.Crew Fair Isle Socks: £12.50 / $12.50 | Hotel Chocolat 6 Christmas Mess Truffles: £3.95 | J.Crew Cashmere Gloves: £68 / $68 | Liberty London Little Marlborough Print Small Tote Bag: £295 | Kate Spade ‘Break The Ice’ Insulated Tumbler: £19.95 / $18 | Sugar Paper Los Angeles 6 Thank You Cards: £19.95 / $20

Shall we start with the truly iconic London product? Meet the things I can’t help but keep on putting on Pinterest, the Liberty print tote bags. They come in all different sizes and prints, £395 for a big one and £295 for a smaller one, and I think they are perfect to carry just about anything. You can see the full collection here. Also going down the iconic London product route, but looking to a newer designer I’ve been a little in love with Whistle & Bango’s postcode bangles when I first saw them earlier in the year. They have quite a few London addresses, but they now have a customisable canvas one so you can order any address, or zip code if you’re across the pond. You can browse the full list of postcodes here

Can we now pay a visit to Selfridges? I was like a kid in a candy store the other week in their gift department, picking out something for my best friend Kathryn’s birthday. I’m not going to tell you what I got her here, in case I forgot to give it to her over dinner last night. However, I can tell you I got very excited over the Kate Spade coffee and juice cups they are selling, which would be perfect for the morning commute. Also, I was able to repeat the little song and dance I had over the Summer when I discovered that my all time favourite stationers Sugar Paper Los Angeles had come to Selfridges, so you could get the core collection, not just the special J.Crew stuff here in the UK. From what you can buy in Selfridges I also rather love their casual thank you note set and their pool blue confetti note set, which I used to have in a lighter blue, and embossed with my initial. From the American site (which sadly is much cheaper) if you’re across the pond, my current loves are the kraft scratchy thank you notes, the summer thank you notes, the sweet thank you notes and the confetti thank you notes.

Moving away from this list, I want to point you in the direction of a London made soy candle company whose Blackberry Vanilla candle has been burning on my bedside table for the last few months, and I’m heartbroken that I have come to the end of. I can’t recommend Harley & Co enough if you’re looking to give someone a candle as a gift and you don’t want to go down the route of the usual brands. I also really want to try their Fig Tart scent, and their candle making kits, either to make myself another Blackberry Vanilla candle, or to try their Hydrangea scent which is currently exclusive to the kits

Stay tuned for the final instalment of my gift guide For The Total Foodie. Also, do you realise that by this time next month Christmas will all be over? Dwell on that! At least we’ll still have New Years to go.