Life Update: I’m Off Travelling!

I’ve already mentioned a bit about my upcoming trip over the past few weeks, but because I’m not sure what sort of internet (if any) I’ll have so I thought I’d let you know that on Sunday I’m off travelling for the next few weeks, so you can expect me to be a little quiet on the social media front. However, I do have some fantastic (if I do say so myself) posts set and scheduled to go off while I’m away, so you won’t be missing out on your usual posts! (Though, I will be going Tuesday-Thursday rather than Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and there won’t be Weekly Love.) And what I’ll have for you when I get back will be even more exciting. 


I’ve illustrated this post with a few pictures Nicole posted from her trip to Iceland, because that is one of the places I’m headed. On the agenda are trips out to volcanos, bathing in the Blue Lagoon, wandering the pretty streets of Reykjavik and visiting a remote fishing village. I’m also going to be visiting the Fjords of Norway, and a castle on a remote Scottish island for afternoon tea. I’ve been looking forward to this trip since forever.


I’m going to be travelling around on Cunard’s ship the Queen Victoria. Now, I know people have a lot of misconceptions about cruising. I’m quite a seasoned cruiser, but it has been a while since I’ve been on one. I don’t want to list them all in case you’ve not heard of them and I don’t want to put them in your mind, but if you do your research and choose the right ship and destinations for you, it can be the best way to travel. There is not necessarily any flying (or luggage restrictions!) involved, it is like being in a giant luxury hotel that you forget that is on the water unless you go out on deck, and the food on board is usually fantastic. And you get to wake up in a different country, town or city every morning, but return to the same bed at night. 

It was on board cruise ships that I first tasted snails cooked in garlic butter, beef consume and caviar, and done vodka shots in Russia. It was on cruises that I’ve been able to see Copenhagen, Cannes, Barcelona, Rome, Pompeii, Cairo, Petra, Portugal, Estonia, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, among so many other places I’ve been lucky enough to visit. 

From friends who I’ve shared my Summer plans with I’ve discovered that lots of people have questions about cruising, so as well as if you have any questions that you want to leave in the comments now that I’ll try to answer around my packing this weekend, I’m going to be putting together a few posts about life on board the ship (and not just the food I’m going to be eating!) for those of you who are curious. 

What are all of your Summer plans? As well as this trip, no doubt I’ll be back in France again in September; I always try and avoid tourist season when I go! I’ll speak to you all when I get back!