Weekly Love: Week 134

I honestly feel I’ve been trapped in a bit of a whirlwind of trips, meetings and deadlines over the past week or so, but over the past few days things have started to settle down a little and I feel like I’m really on top of everything. I’m back in the kitchen developing recipes and shooting a few more for you guys that I’m really excited about, and I feel like lots of good things are starting to happen. In other news, how can a week be bad, when the Great British Bake Off is back? Martha is my clear favourite so far, I wish I could have made little lemon thyme cakes like that 4 years ago. I might try my hand at them now, though!

Weekly Love 080814[1]

1. An all navy ensemble for Saturday lunch down the pub. My sunglasses are from Alexander McQueen and my top is from Hobbs. You can grab my Aspinal’s Tote here, and my neoprene Whistles skirt on sale for £30 here. | 2. Another lovely lunch at The Red Lion at Stodmarsh. Their desserts are to die for. | 3. Golden hour walks along the beach at Sandwich Bay. | 4. Aperitif fizz while barbecuing is always a must. | 5. Sorting through my stationary to store in an old Glossybox. What do you use yours for? | 6. Pollo alla Cacciatora (Italian Hunter’s Chicken) from Waitrose Kitchen magazine for family dinner, served alongside a bread recipe I’m testing for my Borough Market column next month.

Rachel Phipps Total Yogurt Pot Recipe

So, if you had been standing in the yogurt aisle in Waitrose in Canterbury the other day you, and not just my Mother and my Aunt would have borne witness to my minor freak out. Mummy asked me if we needed any yogurt. I told her no, I’d only just opened a new tub. She asked me again, this time shoving a pot in my face. I’d totally forgotten that my Moroccan Chicken Goujons with Yogurt & Mint Dip was supposed to be appearing on the side of a Total 0% pot. Be sure to go pick one up, and I’d love to hear what you guys think. I have not made it over to Sainsbury’s yet, but I’ve found me in Tescos, too. 

Weekly Love 080814[2]

7. Sampling the first Cucamelons we’ve been growing in the greenhouse. They taste like miniature cucumbers, but with an amazing crisp melon aftertaste. | 8. I was so honoured to win the Food & Drink category at Visit California’s Dream Big Awards. I fell in love with food writing in California, so to be recognised by them means more than I could ever say. | 9. Chilling out at Granary Square by King’s Cross. They have a great little fake grass space by Regents Canal!  | 10. I’ve been cooking so much from The Lemonade Cookbook recently. Full review hopefully up on the blog next week! | 11. Watching the last episode of Californication was so bitter sweet. If anyone is looking for a good Summer show to watch, I’m tempted to start right from the beginning again! | 12. Epic (but super large) Pulled Pork Sandwich at The Shakespeare for lunch. I can also really, really recommend their chips!

Tate Modern

In case you had not noticed by now, I’m an avid Pinterest user. I’m also a bit of an art junkie, so I’m very excited to be taking over the Tate Modern’s Matisse inspired ‘Summer of Colour’ board today, where I’ll be pinning drink and dessert type pictures in response to Matisse’s painting The Snail. It is a great project, and I think it is inspired to use a social media platform where you’re so often just re-sharing pretty pictures as an actual response to art. You can check out and follow the board here, see you over there

What have you been doing this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m honestly looking to have a chilled one at home catching up on some of the recipe deadlines I have in the coming weeks!