Weekly Love: Week 196

So, unexpectedly, it’s that time again. If you’ve moved house since the EU Referendum (I think that is the last time we all went to the polls, it is happening so often these days I’m losing count!), or you’re not already registered to vote, do so here so you get a chance to vote in the June 8th elections. The deadline is 22nd May. I know if you look at the polls or the news the result sounds like a forgone conclusion, but looking at this surprise election from inside politics, and from my experience working on the past two general elections, it really is not the case. Those of us in politics need to fight for every vote, and you really need to make your vote count. Oh, and be sure to follow me on Instagram if you don’t already. I promise to keep the campaign off of my feed, but I’m going to be spending some of it in Somerset, where I’ve never been and I’ve been promised is very beautiful, so I’ll be sure to post any pretty landscapes/ buildings, and delicious food I encounter!

Weekly Love 23.04.17[1]

1. Enjoying the sunshine on a weekend trip to Hoxton. | 2. Lunchtime jaunts to Chinatown for sweet barbecue pork buns and to replenish my kimchee supply. | 3. Saturday brunching at Mac & Wild – full review coming soon! | 4. Sunday mornings at Columbia Road Flower Market. | 5. Enjoying my parents beautiful new garden in Kent. | 6. Bringing the smell of spring into my bedroom with hyacinths for the top of my bookcase.

Weekly Love 23.04.17[2]

7. Sunday roast at Beagle in Hoxton. | 8. Exploring the Geffyre Museum of the Home. | 9. Enjoying the launch of Firezza Pizza in Soho – again, full review coming soon! | 10. When you get the French guy from Brittany (crepe capital of France) to make you crepes for Sunday brunch. | 11. Mint chocolate chip ice cream in the sun in St. James’ Park. | 12. Pre-Easter drinks on the House of Commons terrace.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the rest of the weekend. I’m off to eat pizza in Whitechapel (and see how gentrification has been getting on since I moved away almost four years ago now), and good luck to those of you running the London Marathon today! For more like this, don’t forget to sign up to my monthly newsletter, which hits your inboxes on the first Sunday of each month, packed full of seasonal eats, mini cookbook reviews, and other updates.