On The Beach with Dungeness Fish Shack’s Snack Shack

Working on a feature for Fish on Friday, one sunny October Thursday afternoon last year found me on the beach out at Dungeness chatting to Kelly Smith, the former police officer who joined her families 300 year old fishing business here in Kent by starting up Dungeness Fish Shack Snack Shack, a brilliant little food truck parked out on the beach where they land the catch, cooking delicious seafood dishes fresh out of the ocean. 

Dungeness Snack Shack's Fisherman's Roll
You can find a photo diary I shot and did a bit of reporting for to help the person writing the words over at new fish website Fish On Fridayand read my ‘Behind The Scenes’ Q&A feature I wrote for Flavour First here. However, I just wanted to share a few more photos and words here about this fantastically fishy local gem now Kelly is starting to open up for the New Year now the weather is improving, and she and her mouthwatering fishy treats can be found on the beach once more!
Lunch at Dungeness Snack Shack
Dungeness Fish Hut Signage
Dungeness Snack Shack
Condiments at Dungeness Snack Shack
Deck Chairs at Dungeness Snack Shack
Behind the scenes at Dungeness Snack Shack
Making Dungeness Snack Shack's Smoked Cod Chowder
When I was hanging out with Kelly she was making a start on her Winter menu items. Favourites include Cod Cakes in Tomato Sauce inspired by a recipe Jerusalem, and Kelly was looking to experiment with a few fish curries. I watched Kelly make the Snack Shack’s wonderfully warming Smoked Cod Chowder, which I filled up on after our interview. Totally delicious and really easy to make yourself at home, you can find Kelly’s recipe over at Fish on Friday, if Dungeness Beach is a bit too much of a trek for you!
Homemade Tartar at Dungeness Snack Shack
Mexican Slaw at Dungeness Snack Shack
Supply Chain at Dungeness Snack Shack
Dungeness Snack Shack Smoked Cod Chowder
Kelly Smith from Dungeness Snack Shack
Dungeness Beach
William 'T'
Dungeness Fishing Nets
Thursday at Dungeness Snack Shack
Serving lunch at Dungeness Snack Shack
Dungeness Snack Shack's Fishermans Rolls
Next time I’m around the Shack I’m after one of their Fisherman Rolls. Whatever is good and fresh rom the days catch cooked until tender and slightly crisp, and stuffed into a fresh roll with some salad and Kelly’s bright, vibrant and homemade punchy, Mexican style slaw. And I’ll always go for their Twice Cooked Chips; the Shack fries and soaks them using the same technique we do at home.
Dungeness Snack Shack's Twice Cooked Chips
To catch up with the Snack Shack and to check that they’ll be on the beach when you want to head down (and to find out what Kelly will be serving!), make sure your first port of call is their Facebook page which they keep very well updated. Also, if you happen to head down during lobster season, be sure to try one of the Shack’s lobster rolls. I’ve heard so much about them, but I’ve not yet managed to snag one!