Weekly Love: Week 157

Does anyone know how exactly we’re supposed to dress for this weather? I leave the house in a coat in the pouring rain, and by lunchtime I’m walking into town for a bite to eat having discarded the jacket and donning my sunglasses. I’m wearing jumpers to the office, and sometimes I’m too warm, and other times I’m wrapping myself in my scarf because I’m chilly. If any of you have any foolproof transitional dressing tips, I’m all ears!


1. Divine Orange & Poppyseed Gelato at Mary’s Milk Bar in Edinburgh. | 2. Kate Doran’s Homemade Memories and Lindt’s new Orange Lindor Truffles. | 3. Saturday afternoons in Edinburgh. | 4. Scotch beef charcuterie on a farm in the Scottish Borders. | 5. Aberdeen Angus in the fields in the Scottish Borders. | 6. Simply divine gluten free vegetable quiche from the Pop Up Cafe on Deal High Street.


7. Pretty blue doorways in Edinburgh. | 8. Country walks to the postbox in my little corner of East Kent. | 9. Brunching on homemade baked beans baked with eggs and orange juice with the Sunday papers. | 10. Walking along the sea at Sandwich Bay. | 11. A simply divine Saturday lunchtime at The Compasses Inn at Crundale, near Canterbury. | 12. Making a pilgrimage to The Elephant House, the cafe in Edinburgh where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m up to London tomorrow to do a restaurant review for you all and to swing by the LFW The Apartment (be sure to come and say hi if you see me there!), and then a quiet day at home on Sunday getting everything ready for the week.