Weekly Love: Week 177

Now the dust has started to settle and it has really sunk in that Britain will be leaving the European Union, on the political side of things I’ve been deluged in decent, thought provoking comment pieces to sink my teeth in. On what Brexit means for British food supply and policy, I wanted to use this space to highlight one long read and one policy paper that anyone interested in the future of what we eat should read: in The New Yorker food historian and Telegraph columnist Bee Wilson has given a great overview of what Brexit means for what appears on our plate. Referenced in Bee’s article, Tim Lang is Britain’s expert on food policy, and he has joined together with Victoria Schoen, who is in food research to write a fascinating policy paper on the topic; one to settle down to a piece of cake and cup of tea with. Sobering food for thought. 

Weekly Love 15.07.16[1]

1. The only thing better than California strawberries? Strawberry season in Kent. | 2. Celebrating with an aperitifo from Waitrose Food magazine: blood orange juice, Campari, Prosecco and fresh raspberries. | 3. Hotel Chocolat were kind enough to send me one of their new Raspberry & Caramel lollies. Obviously I took it to chill during my lunch break on the beach. | 4. Pork gyoza complete with spring onions and chilli oil from Koi Ramen at Pop Brixton. | 5. Crashing out on the beach in the sunshine after just a little bit too much champagne at The Sportsman. | 6. Pea Panna Cotta and Chapel Down Rose at The Corner House, Canterbury’s newest foodie edition – a full review to follow soon!

Weekly Love 15.07.16[2]
7. Rainy day Sunday night suppers of sausages roasted with leeks, apples, red onions and leftover bread croutons with a mustard soured cream sauce. | 8. Local cherries outside the greengrocer on Deal High Street. | 9. Clear blue skies over Deal pier. | 10. Sharing my favourite Canterbury eats in Sainsbury’s Magazine. | 11. Dessert sharing platter at The Corner House. | 12. Kentish gooseberry season.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m back in Brittany for the next week for my summer holiday (I’ve had so much on I’m keeping it low key this year) so I’m looking forward to getting through a mountain of books, aperitifs of French wine and local oysters on the patio, and getting to grips with our new built in barbecue.