Weekly Love: Week 183

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Weekly Love 30.09.16[1]

1. Smashed avocado, bacon and poached eggs for breakfast at The Skinny Kitchen in Canterbury. | 2. 5 o’Clock sips with Cookie + Kate’s Rosemary Gin Fizz. | 3. Weekend dippy eggs with mustard, caper and chive butter from Nadiya’s Kitchen. | 4. Looking up at some of the beautiful old facades in Canterbury. | 5. £5 (!) dark pink roses to brighten up the kitchen table. | 6. Sweet, tiny (we have not had enough rain this year) blackberries in the hedgerows which we’ve been eating straight from the bush on our afternoon walks, or using in red wine and blackberry jellies from A Change in Appetite.

Weekly Love 30.09.16[2]

7. Bright blue skies over the fields, again on my afternoon walks. | 8. A Sunday morning (almost) full english: fried egg, black pudding, roasted home grown tomatoes, sausages and toast slathered in more of that delicious butter. | 9. Getting distracted in the Asian supermarket and buying all of the matcha products.

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