Weekly Love: Week 189

It is cold, it is wet, so I think we all need something life affirming round about now. In those first few quiet days of 2017 before we all went back to work I watched What We Did on Our Holiday, which has to be the best, the funniest, and the film that made me happiest to be alive in ages. It has a great cast (David Tennant, Billy Connolly, Rosamund Pike, and a load of kids who would give the Outnumbered cast a run for their money), and not to give too much away, they all pitch up for a family reunion, trying to keep the secret that the parents are getting divorced. Family tragedy strikes, and the kids decide to deal with it themselves in the most imaginative (and to grown ups amusing!) way possible. If the weather is getting you down, rent or stream a copy of this and I promise you it will put you right and loving life  in no time!

Weekly Love 13.01.17[1]

1. The first feta-loaded egg pot and Skinny Bunny smoothie of the year at The Skinny Kitchen in Canterbury. | 2. Snacking on some Whitworths Shots (they’re 3 for £1 in Tesco right now!) on my daily (weather allowing!) country walks. #ad | 3. Filling the house with dazzlingly bright blooms to make up for the cold and the rain. | 4. A lovely bottle of Chateaubeuf-du-Pape by the fire at The Compasses Inn in Crundale. | 5. Pretty pastel doors, running errands in Deal. | 6. Hunting out some more unusual vegetables at the Garden of England greengrocers in Canterbury.

Weekly Love 13.01.17[2]

7. Instant henna for my first ever Pakistani wedding. | 8. Creating a beast of a semi-naked mint chocolate celebration cake from Jamie Magazine for New Years Eve. Hands up who wants me to scale this recipe down to something more manageable than a serves 20? | 9. Cooking up an army of homemade sausage rolls for the party. | 10. Melt-in-the-mouth crab cannelloni at The Compasses In. | 11. Brilliant bright clementines on the market stalls. | 12. Plotting Chinese New Year with some of our family favourites: Chicken and Rice, Chinatown Kitchen, Ching’s Fast Food, China Modern, Chinese Food Made Easy and Ching’s Chinese Food in Minutes.

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