Weekly Love: Week 209

They never tell you all of the things that can go wrong as a grown up. Yes you get to sleep in on weekends and drink wine on a weeknight, but fridges fill up with water that you’ve got to figure out how to fix, and kitchen sinks collapse because they were not fitted properly getting dirty water all over the kitchen floor. If, like me you’ve had a few days that reflect the latter, rather than the former, treat yourself. There has to be something on your Amazon wishlist that you can prime to make your weekend that much better? I’m going to be enjoying Nigella’s brilliant new book I got this week, but here is some more inspiration by way of three items from my wishlist: Nadiya’s British Food Adventure, Los Angeles Cult Recipes & Milly’s Real Food.
Weekly Love 27.10.17

1. Autumn leaves in Sandwich. | 2. Cured egg yolks in avocado boats at the launch of Nadine Levy Redzepi’s brilliant new book Downtime. There is so much from this book I want to make, and the Spicy Chicken Liver Pasta an the Hazelnut Praline Cake that have already graced my kitchen were simply divine. | 3. Bacon, egg, crispy onion and spicy mayo brioche rolls at The Naughty Egg in Canterbury. | 4. Matcha gelato, red bean paste and mochi bubble waffles at Bubblewrap in Chinatown. | 5. Ripe red apples outside the greengrocer on Deal High Street. | 6. My first ever UK Glossier order: Coconut Balm Dot Com (a delicious, really effective lip balm – really recommended), Boy Brow (still getting used to this one), Milk Jelly Cleanser (I think I’m in love, lovely face wash, and takes all my makeup off!), Priming Moisturiser (does exactly what it says on the tin, I’ve been obsessed with this stuff for a couple of years) and Priming Moisturiser Rich (beautiful thick version of the Priming Moisturiser, great if like me you get dry skin easily!) You can get 10% off of your first order if you click here.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m just looking forward to some quiet relaxed time at home! For more like this, don’t forget to sign up to my monthly newsletter which hits your inboxes on the first Sunday of each month packed full of seasonal eats, mini cookbook reviews, and other updates.