Recipe: Stupidly Simple Smoked Salmon & Green Pea Quiche

Smoked Salmon & Green Pea Quiche #quiche #salmon #pea #puffpastry

As regular readers will go, I go through obsessive periods with either certain dishes or ingredients. So, you’ll be unsurprised to see that you’ve had two different quiche recipes from me this month. However, unlike my slightly more elegant Sweet Potato, Red Onion, Spinach & Feta Quiche I shared the other week, this one has a fancier filling, but with a much simpler, more rustic assembly. If you’ve never made a quiche before, this is the quiche to make first. If only I’d discovered this stupidly simple and rather versatile puff pastry crust technique when I was writing the recipe for the Full English Breakfast Quiche in Student Eats
Smoked Salmon & Green Pea Puff Pastry Quiche #quiche #salmon #pea #puffpastry

What I love about this quiche is it looks fantastic and tastes really impressive, with next to no effort or skill required. Pre-made puff pastry is one of the most forgiving pastries out there, so here you use just a pre-rolled sheet. It does not matter if it does not quite fit, no need to get out the rolling pin. Lots of butter to grease the dish and a pre-heated baking tray helps ward off the dreaded soggy bottom, and none of the filling bits need pre-cooking. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is separate a pair of eggs, and that is easy if you don’t mind getting a little sticky; crack the egg and pour it over slightly splayed, clean fingers. You’ll capture the yolk, and the whites will just run away between your fingers. Save learning a cleaner method for when you’ve got a bit more time and you’re not worrying about having people over to share this quiche with.
Stupidly Simple Smoked Salmon & Green Pea Quiche #quiche #salmon #pea #puffpastry
Slices of Smoked Salmon & Green Pea Quiche #quiche #salmon #pea #puffpastry

This is one of the three ‘dinner party recipes to impress for people who think they can’t cook’ recipes I’ve put together for Refinery 29, so for this recipe, and for my recipe for Broken Pasta with Lemony Crab and Courgette (a super impressive starter or main) or my recipe for Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas (one of those ones you pull out for a build-your-own summer party with a crate of beers) head over there now!