Student Suppers: Tinned Tuna Fishcakes

Tinned Tuna Fishcakes

This deliciously cheap and easy recipe is a story of growth. One of the recipes that caused me the most trouble when I was testing Student Eats was the tinned fish fishcakes I made with tuna and mustard mashed potatoes. I still think the recipe is great, but I think I was trying too hard with it. My current go-to recipe for tinned tuna fishcakes is one I created last year for BBC Food. It’s easy, cheap and simple. It still has a base of tinned fish, simply flavoured this time with spring onions, lemon zest and, surprisingly but deliciously, mayonnaise in the mash. The breadcrumb coating is made simply by whizzing up some basic white bread in the food processor, and they still freeze really, really well. Call them Rachel’s tinned tuna fishcakes 2.0.

For the recipe, head over to BBC Food. Photo by Kate Whitaker.