Weekly Love: the one where I make the most of early summer eating

Weekly Love 07.06.19

1. My total excitement at harvesting my first radishes – the first veg I’ve grown in years. | 2. Looking back on all the beautiful, sunny and blue photos I took in Cornwall – the next instalment of my trip is coming on the blog next week! | 3. An epic bottomless sushi brunch at The Ned with my friend Kelly – full review coming soon! | 4. Weekends spent creative writing in the sunny pub garden with a couple of Hugo’s. | 5. Making a delicious pair of Eggs Benedict salads – full method here! | 6. A simply epic baby roast chicken with honey roast root vegetables, seasonal greens, roast potatoes, and a big Yorkshire pudding down at our local pub.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? We’re moving soon so I’m going to make a start on clearing through the last year and a half of accumulated stuff..! For more like this, don’t forget to sign up to my monthly newsletter (and get my free Quick & Easy Weeknight Recipes eBook) which hits your inboxes on the first Sunday of each month packed full of seasonal eats, mini cookbook and restaurant reviews, and other updates!