Student Suppers: Buttery Mushrooms, Leeks & Eggs on Toast

Mushrooms, Leeks & Eggs on Toast

My first year as a student I was an obsessive budget food shopper. My biggest fear was that I would not be able to feed myself the fresh, homemade meals I was used to at home on a student budget, and it was from that first year in halls my need to precisely meal plan every single meal a week in advance came from. I’d figure out what I’d use every last wedge of lemon or half a ball of mozzarella for so that there would be zero waste, and I’d count up the bill as I went around the supermarket, religiously trying to get the whole thing under £20 (a lot of the time, I succeeded, though I was lo=ess fussy about welfare meat back then!)

One of my staples from this time (which I still love today for a quick weekend breakfast or lunchtime fix) is some of my leftover veggies pan fried in a generous amount of butter, served over toast straight from the freezer (I drive J around the bend always freezing supermarket loaves straight away lest I forget about them and they have the chance to grow mould!) so when a request for a cheap ‘something with an egg on toast’ came up in a recent recipe commission from BBC Food, I just knew that a buttery pile of mushrooms and leeks, topped with a fried egg that had a beautifully runny yolk would be just the ticket.

For the recipe, head over to BBC Food. Photo by Kate Whitaker.