These The Best Advent Calendars You Can Treat Yourself To This Year (2020)

So, I think we all need a bit more cheering up this year than normal. I’ve never really treated myself to an advent calendar – I’m lucky that while we had the house in France my parents always got me a Kinder chocolate one from the supermarket, and after that, they’ve been helping me narrow down the selections on our Sunday Times Wine Club subscription by gifting me with their advent calendar.

If you’ve never treated yourself before, I think this year is the perfect excuse to wake yourself up with a little treat each morning. So, I’ve been scouring the internet, and below I’ve included all the best Food & Drink, Home & Family, and Makeup & Beauty advent calendars I can find – I hope you’ll find something in here that speaks to you and that you can indulge in!

Now, usually in my posts I mark affiliate links with (ad) or #ad, but as there are a lot of them in this post (though I have tried to feature as many independent calendars as possible too) I have instead marked them all with a ‘*’ to keep things tidy. For the uninitiated, affiliate links install a little cookie in your browser when you click on them (don’t worry, they’re totally harmless!) so that if you buy something after clicking on one, I get a little % back – consider using them as a little thank you towards content creators whose content you enjoy, helping them cover running costs / their bills / rent / mortgage etc.!

Food & Drink

Prosecco Refillable Countdown Advent Tree

John Lewis Wine Advent Calendar* | John Lewis Beer Advent Calendar*

Whisky Explorer Advent Calendar 2020

As I mentioned, now I’m a grown up I have a wine advent calendar, The Sunday Times Wine Club calendar which is the same as the Laithwaites Wine Advent Calendar which you can get on Amazon without a membership*. I find they’re a great way to try new wines – John Lewis also do great, more budget friendly ones.

If bubbles are more your thing this year I love The Tipsy Tree’s refillable versionyou can also get a gin edition.

Speaking of spirits, I know a lot of people are more into whiskey but I’m a gin girl, and I think this year the best version actually comes from Marks & Spencers.*

24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar* | John Lewis Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar* | Whittard’s Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar*

Fancy something a little softer? If I could find one that just did herbal teas I’d be all over a tea advent calendar, though hot chocolate seems like the ultimate self care option with budget and luxury versions available? Oh, and if craft coffee is more your thing this calendar* has got you covered!

Hotel Chocolat Milk Advent Calendar | Hotel Chocolate Truffles for Two Advent Calendar | Hotel Chocolat The Everything Advent Calendar | Hotel Chocolat The Grand Advent Calendar

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Advent Calendar* | Money Bojangles Advent Calendar* | Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar*

Now, while I have shared a few more delicious sweet treat calendars here, I will always be of the opinion that Hotel Chocolat make the best chocolate advent calendars in the country, because they make the best chocolate on the high street – and they’ve added some new calendars to their line up this year!

Pictured we’ve got the classic, their milk chocolate calendar, and you’ve always been able to get a kids version (such a great value pick), white chocolate, caramel chocolate (I love their caramel chocolate!), and dark, but you can now also get a 100% sugar free and vegan version, too. I also think The Everything Calendar and The Grand Calendar are new, too.

Cookie Jar Advent Calendar

Lakrids Liquorice Advent Calendar

The Naked Marshmallow Co. Advent Calendar*

Joe & Steph’s Tipsy Popcorn Advent Calendar* | Popcorn Shed Advent Calendar*

Of course, chocolate is not the only sweet treat you can get in a calendar. As well as the cookies, popcorn, licorice balls and popcorn above, if you love marzipan this calendar is for you!*

The Snaffling Pig Co. Pork Crackling Advent Calendar* | The Snaffling Pig Co. Pork Crackling & Beer Advent Calendar*

Having now got used to a drinks calendar, I can see the benefit of some savoury snacks. The Snaffling Pig Co. are leading the pack this year with their plain and beer calendars, but you can also get a Pringles Advent Calendar this year*. Just so you know.

Chilli Powder Advent Calendar

Cheese Truckle Advent Calendar*

And finally we move onto the speciality food calendars, the ones you buy for someone (or yourself) if you’re particularly obsessed by a certain food stuff. Perhaps if you know a spice lover but a chilli powder calendar is a bit too culinary for them / you, you could get a hot sauce calendar* instead? Or you know, I know several people who would like a cheese one!

Home & Family

24 Days of Stationary Advent Calendar

BIC Stationary Advent Calendar* | Harry Potter Stationary Advent Calendar*

I think there need to be more stationary advent calendars in the world. I’m not kidding, I’d still be so excited to get this BIC Stationary Advent Calendar* that includes my favourite four colour pens, including my beloved purple edition!

Personalised Family Advent Candle Set | Advent Candle Tin

I love candles during the darker months, and I think candle advent calendars can be lovely, and sometimes very traditional like these two different sets from The Forest & Co. However, if scented is more your thing, on the budget side of things Yankee Candle always do a good advent calendar*, and on the more luxury side of things, there are some fantastic candles in The White Company beauty calendar if you scroll down!

Organic Medicinal Plants, Culinary Herbs & Edible Flower Seed Advent Calendar*

Got a gardener in your life who loves to grow their own? This calendar would make a lovely gift!

Personalised Mens 12 Days Sock Advent Calendar

I’m literally just leaving this mens sock advent calendar from Sparks & Daughters (do check them out, I really want one of their aprons and one of their sweatshirts) right here because it is what I’d be getting J if we had decided not to do gifts this year and focus on getting a new sofa (it is going to be traditional, velvet, and I’m very, very excited for it!) instead.

Kids Crayon Advent Calendar

Probably because I had them, I think it is nice to get kids calendars that are about something more than just chocolate. My favourite kids calendar I’ve found this year is for smaller hands, this wonderful crayon set that counts down to santa! Also, I’ve found a PLAYDOUGH advent calendar that I sort of want for myself…*

Also, we can’t move on from kids calendars without mentioning the two big cult Lego Advent Calendars – Star Wars* – and Harry Potter*, which I think this year is particularly magical with a Yule Ball theme.

Lily’s Dog Treats Advent Calendar* | Scrumbles Kitty Treat Advent Calendar*

I keep lobbying to get Camilla an advent calendar or a Christmas stocking but I get voted down every year… make sure your furry friends don’t miss out with these cheap and cheerful cat and dog treat calendars!

Advent of Change Advent Calendar | Advent of Change Kids Advent Calendar

I’d never come across Advent of Change before but especially after such a hard year where charities have really suffered I think they’re a lovely idea – advent calendars which donate a little to a different charity on your behalf every day. Do check out their website, as they also to Christmas crackers, an advent candle, a 2021 calendar and a braille version of their giving calendar.

Makeup & Beauty

The White Company Advent Calendar*

The White Company have my favourite beauty advent calendar this year, because it does not only contain sample sizes of their beautifully scented beauty and spa products, but it also has several of their votive candles (usually £12) each including Winter* which is my all time favourite Christmas scent, as well as Fireside* and Fir Tree* which are new special editions for this winter that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar* | John Lewis Beauty Advent Calendar*

Amazon Beauty Advent Calendar*

It’s a sign of the times but those big, luxurious beauty advent calendars from all the big department stores are a bit thin on the ground this year, but they’re still a great way to try out lots of new beauty products if you’re a big sampler! As well as the pictured, the Harrods one also looks good this year if you’re into luxury brands*.

Turning to calendars from the big beauty websites, while it is sold out on their site you can still get the Glossybox calendar on Amazon*, and while there does not seem to be one on the Feelunique site for 2020, you can already join the waitlist for 2021 here*.

Nuxe Beauty Advent Calendar | Soap & Glory Advent Calendar*

Molton Brown Advent Calendar* | Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar*

L’Occitane A Tale From L’Occitane Advent Calendar* | L’Occitane The Advent Calendar of Dreams* | L’Occitane Hand Illustrated Reusable Advent Calendar*

If you’re into supporting your favourite brands, there are some much better beauty offerings this year. I’m a big fan of what French brands are doing this year, with such a bright and colourful calendar from French pharmacy favourite Nuxe, and while I always love L’Occitane’s calendars, I’m a particular fan of their beautiful new reusable number this year*.

Not pictured, I also think the new Cath Kidston beauty calendar is really sweet this year * (and I love their very English, very affordable scents), and Benefit are always a fantastic shout for fun, actually quite fantastic makeup*.

O.P.I Nail Polish Advent Calendar* | essie nail Polish Advent Calendar*

While with all the work in the kitchen I don’t bother painting my nails anymore, when I did I loved trying out new O.P.I and essie colours, so obviously I’d be all over these calendars with a new miniature colour every day!

So, congratulations if you managed to make it to the end of such a mammoth (!) post and that you have managed to find something to treat yourself, your friends and your family in here – do let me know if you end up getting one of these! Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for my Bumper Christmas Gift Guide which will be out next week, my usual roundup of the best Black Friday / Cyber Monday discount codes online, and for all my Christmas recipes as part of my Christmas Kitchen series which will start, as usual, at the beginning of December!