Bumper Christmas Gift Guide 2020

It’s here! While I have got exactly none of my Christmas shopping done yet this year, I have taken the time to sit down and put together this years edition of my Bumper Christmas Gift Guide in case any of you are as stuck for ideas as I am! As usual, I’ve split the guide into gifts under £10 (stocking fillers, office secret santa if your office is still doing it this year), gifts under £25 (friends) and gifts under £50 (family).

Also, as usual with bigger posts like this instead of marking each affiliate link with #ad which gets a bit messy, they are each marked with a ‘*’ instead. Whichever blogger you’re reading this holiday period do consider using their affiliate links to do your shopping this year as they get a little commission on each sale with no cost to you – think of it as having a whole team of digital private shoppers! Oh, and if you’ve not even started thinking about advent calendars yet, do check out my guide to the best advent calendars online this year!

Gifts Under £10

Guylian’s Temptations Chocolate Pouch* | French Salted Butter Caramels | Wordsmith Candles A Christmas Carol Mistletoe & Holly Scented Candle | Star Wars Bottle Opener* | Japanese Onigiri Mould | Star Ravioli Stamp | Alpine Strawberry Seeds | Cat Paper Clips* | Taylor’s of Harrogate Apple & Cinnamon Tea* | Monty Bojangles Chocolate Truffles* | Rempapa Pernakan Turmeric & Lemongrass Curry Paste | Candy Striped Farfalle Pasta

I’ve put a few little indulgences in here as well as a few kitchen gifts I think you and your loved ones might like! On the sweet side of things thanks so much to Guylian for sending me a pouch of their temptations to taste test – you’ve got their classic seahorses, plus caramel, crunchy biscuit and milk truffle (I’m addicted to these) all individually wrapped – something to look out for if you have to do your Christmas shopping at the supermarket or on Ocado this year! I’ve also but my favourite winter tea on here, Taylor’s of Harrogate Apple & Cinnamon Tea* on here too – you used to be able to get it in supermarkets sold as Spiced Apple but it was discontinued – now it is Amazon only, but still as delicious and cosy as ever!

In the kitchen I can’t not include Rempapa‘s amazing spice pastes. Full disclosure: I’ve had a fair few jars for free but now I buy them so I always have some at hand – everything I’ve tried from them so far has been wonderful (they’re all handmade) but their Pernakan Turmeric & Lemongrass Curry Paste is my favourite – but do also check out their gift bundles! Oh, and if you’re looking to support some more food businesses this year, London restaurant Fallow have adapted to the current climate and have started selling their handmade fermented sriracha online.

Oh, also, a special shoutout needs to go to Wordsmith Candles made in Ireland who I discovered on bookstagram this year who do lovely little tin and larger size, literally inspired candles – the perfect gift for anyone who likes to curl up with a good book!

Gifts Under £25

Crushed Ice Mould* | One Pan Pescatarian Cookbook* | Sous Chef Gift Card | Succulent Pen Pot Holder* | Honeysuckle Bar Soap* | Kombucha Kit* | Blue Velvet Sleep Mask* | Gold Plated Bee Earrings* | 50 Cocktails To Try In Your Life Poster* | Clever Pencil Set* | For The Love Of The Land Cookbook* | Secrets of Emerald Hill Murder Mystery Game* | Orla Kiely Garden Fork* | Dark Chocolate Coated Figs

As it only came out this summer I’m allowed to include my own cookbook in my gift guide, right? However, I also want to tell you about For The Love Of The Land*, a wonderful cookbook I was recently sent to review featuring recipes and stories from British farmers right across the country – a great way to learn more about and support rural life.

In the drinks department for something a bit DIY if you know someone like me who likes to experiment in the kitchen but who you know (also like me) has not yet taken the plunge into kombucha making, this kit would be a fantastic gift*. Also, as someone who purchased one this year I can tell you how much space a big, American-style fridge freezer with an ice crusher on the front takes up, so I think this silicone crushed ice mould for any freezer is excellent*. And, you know those posters where you can scratch out countries you’ve travelled to? This cocktail poster where you tear off all the classic cocktails you should try in your life is the 2020 version of this!*

Another edible treat I loved when a neighbour brought them over to a pre-Christmas lunch last year were these Dark Chocolate Coated Figs. Rich, indulgent and almost truffle like, you should buy a box for yourself as well as one to give as a gift!

Gifts Under £50

Gold Workout Mat Carry Bag* | Jade Glass Cake Stand | Luxe Mercury Scented Candle Set* | Swallows Unisex Wash Bag* | Stackable Cake Tin Set* | Edinburgh Christmas Gin* | Leather Wrapped Recycled Journal* | How To Make Sourdough Bread Kit | Portable USB Charger* | Green Glazed Plant Pot & Saucer* | Leather AirPod Case* | Copper Mule Mug Set*

Again starting in the kitchen, if you know someone who loves to cook and bake but who also has a tiny kitchen, I think this stackable cake tin set is really impressive.* Also, it is 2020 so here is a sourdough bread gift kit.

On the drinks front, after I posted my Ultimate Moscow Mule recipe at the end of the summer I got loads of questions about my mule cups – these are the most similar I’ve found.* Also, if you like giving bottles as a gift Edinburgh Gin make great gins and this year they’ve done a festive blend*, and again if you want to support small businesses who have had to flex a little this year, Tommy Banks are selling their craft cocktails online.

Turning to bits and pieces for the home, everyone needs a good cake stand, and I’ve loved these beautiful plant pots* for my house plants all year but they’re the sort of thing that is more than a gift, than something you’d treat yourself to!

Gift Subscriptions 

There are so many gift subscriptions out there (I usually find Not On The High Street has the best selection) but in case none of the above helps solve your Christmas shopping conundrums, here are some of my favourites I’ve seen online this year.

For the book lovers in your life, in case you’ve not heard bookshop chain Blackwells have started doing gift subscriptions (ask in store or email your nearest branch), The Beautiful Book Company do bespoke book subscriptions, and if you’re bookish friend is also a coffee drinker, Bookishly are doing a Coffee and Book Club subscription this year!

On the other hand, if you’re looking to send something edible, my pick would be the 3 month Pasta Evangelists pasta subscription (I love sending their fresh pasta boxes as presents!), this curry night spice subscription looks good, and because, 2020, so does this bread baking subscription!

Finally, something from a cool and quirky start up, this service lets you record gift messages that will gradually be sent to friends and loved ones over a pre-decided period.