The Best Christmas Decorations I’ve Found For Sale This Year

I think we’ve all accepted that Christmas at home is probably going to be a little different this year, but something else we’ve all learnt this year is that out homes matter; for most of us, they’re now where we spend most of our time. So, I thought now was the perfect time to publish a brand new edition of a really popular post I did a few years ago with all the best Christmas decorations, lights, gift wrap, ribbons, crackers, candles, and all those little details you can shop online. I’ve included both my favourites and things I think look absolutely lovely; I hope there is something in here to put a smile on your face!

As is the case with all my shopping posts, just to keep things tidy, instead of marking each affiliate link with an ‘*’ instead. All this means, if you click the link and buy something, I’ll get a little % of the sale back helping me pay for this website, all my recipe testing ingredients, and my mortgage so I can keep on creating recipes for you all!

Tree Decorations

Lustre Glitter Moons | Glittered Brass Instruments | Vintage Car Decorations

Golden Glittered Baubles

Silver Acorn Baubles | Safari Glass Baubles

Felt Teacup Mice

I think all of these decorations are a bit fun, and very beautiful – they’d all have a place on my tree which always has very traditional colours, lots of gold, and actually lots of bells, musical instruments, and actually lots of critters hiding away in the ornaments! I love seeing peoples trees when they do keep to a theme, though I know some of the more random trees sometimes hold the most memories!

Paint Your Own Christmas Decorations Kit

Embroidered Sequin Decoration Set | Gardeners Trowel Tree Decoration

Personalised Snow Christmas Tree Baubles

Christmas Dinner Christmas Tree Decoration Set* | Shrimp Christmas Tree Decoration*

Traditional Leaf Bauble* | Pomegranate Christmas Bauble*

Recycled Christmas Baubles* | Santa Paws Felt Decoration* | Snowman Plaster Christmas Decoration*

Grand Piano Christmas Tree Decoration*

Christmas Bristle Squirrel Tree Decoration*

Wreathes, Swags & Garlands

Green & Berry Wreath* | Handmade Pine Cones Wreath

Dried Flower Wreath | Hanging Christmas Wreath

Succulent & Eucalyptus Wreath | Eucalyptus & Flower Wreath | Christmas Door Swag*

Personally I love a Christmas door wreath, and while I am an advocate of homemade, (you can find my guide on wreath making here, and my swag DIY here) if that is not really your thing there are some really beautiful both traditional and modern options out there!

Maple Leaf Garland*

Extra Long Green & Berry Garland* | Vintage Style bauble Garland | Olive Leaf Light Up Garland | Golden Shooting Stars Garland

Glitter Leaf Garland*

Also, annoyingly, my new house has a narrow cottage staircase with no banisters, because I’ve always wanted stairs I can wind garlands up over the festive period, Maybe I should get some to decorate the three fireplace mantles instead?

Home Decorations

Pinecone Placeholders* | Mini Dressed Nordic Star Decoration*

Decorative Silver Quail Birds | Copper Pomegranate Decoration

Felt Ho Ho Ho Mice | Felt Space Mice

A few random bits and pieces here, because I really want to highlight these adorable mice! We have a few Cox & Cox (my favourite place to buy festive accessories) bits from the year we were not able to have the tree (they’re all adorable display penguins!) but this year I’m particularly charmed by all these festive felt mice!

Christmas Lights

Silver Light Garland* | Frosted Bauble String Lights | Mercury Festoon Lights

Lit Copper Twigs

Star Fairy Lights* | Firefly Twister Fairy Lights*

Light Up Decorative Star House Christmas Decoration*

Jewelled Twig Light Up Garland | Starry Birch & Copper Light

Yes, call me a bit basic but I wish I could get away with having Christmas lights on throughout the winter period, things get so dark and dreary! I’m a particular fan of the trend this year to have either big, light up baubles, or delicate, LED lit garlands to wind around or drape over places.

Festive Candles & Home Scents

The White Company Winter Christmas Pillar Candle* | The White Company Winter Scented Pot Pourri* | The White Company Winter Scented Tealights*

The White Company Fireside Winter Scented Candle* | The White Company Fir Tree Pillar Candle*

Now, Christmas scented candles are something I feel very strongly about – especially that the best Christmas scent ever made both for how it smells and value for money is Winter by The White Company*. However, this year if I were not trying to save money I’m also really intrigued by their Fireside and Fir Tree scents.

Two Grey Mice Tealight Holders | Glass Pillar Candle Holder*

Make Your Own Soy Christmas Candle Kit

Wrapping Paper, Gift Tags, Tissue Paper & Ribbon

Dot & Star Reversible Recycled Wrapping Paper | Gold & Star Reversible Wrapping Paper

Snow Scene Christmas Wrapping Paper*

Paddington Christmas Wrapping Paper*

Now, my mother and I have always worked together going in for a very colour-coordinated Cox & Cox copper or gold and navy blue under the tree scene (which Instagram can attest to!) but now The White Company are starting to up their paper game, I’m tempted to suggest a switch next year…

Copper Wired Ribbon | Copper Mary Christmas Ribbon

French Stripe Ribbon | Mini Stars Grosgrain Ribbon | Merry Christmas Velvet Ribbon | Gold & Cream Star Ribbon

Wide Gold Velvet Ribbon

Navy Merry Christmas Ribbon*

However, I’ll never not still be in love with their Christmas ribbons (you’ll see I used them to style so many of my Christmas Kitchen posts too!) and this year there are so many beautiful new ones including wide velvet ones which I think are super special for main gifts! However, the new ribbons from The White Company are also rather beautiful…*

Special Delivery Gift Tags* | Gold Crush Gift Tags* | Merry Xmas Gift Tags*

Magic Wish Sparkle Gift Tags*

Happy Christmas Bottle Bag* | Merry Christmas Gift Bag*

Christmas Garden Tissue Paper*

One thing I will tell you about Cox & Cox wrap however is the last few years they’ve started making their gift tags cheaper, so I’d suggest getting them somewhere else! Gift bags are also obvious essentials, but to invest in some fun tissue to hide the gifts in inside the bags!

Christmas Crackers

Personalised Retro Sweets Christmas Crackers | Twelve Days Of Christmas Christmas Crackers | Reusable Woodland Christmas Crackers

Star & Moon Christmas Crackers

Plastic Free Christmas Crackers*

And finally, what Christmas crackers to get is always a question, I always find so many of them disappointing! This year I don’t know if we should go for something handmade, something that matches the table, or something plastic free…

I hope you all find some of these helpful! However, as you can see I very much shop in the same few places for my decorations and gift accessories, so if you have somewhere you love that is not included, do let me know in the comments because I’d love to share!