Weekly Meal Pan: Skinless Boneless Chicken Thighs

Happy Friday! Just a quick one today because that is the sort of mood I’m in, but for this weeks Weekly Meal Plan I want to focus on what is one of my most used ingredients in the kitchen: skinless boneless chicken thighs. Much more flavourful, much juicer, and usually much cheaper than chicken breasts here are 5 delicious and easy ways to make them dinner next week.

Monday: Sweet Chilli Soy Chicken Bowls with Japanese Dressed Leaves

Starting the week off easy with something I love to do: throw a bit of chicken into a simple marinade first thing in the morning (or whenever it has defrosted!) before griddling it (I have this Le Creuset griddle pan which I adore #ad) and serving it up with some simple sides – in this case nutty brown rice, and a salad dressed the same way they do in sushi bars.

Tuesday: Easy Chicken Paprikash

One of my more recent recipes, this easy update of a Hungarian Classic takes less than 30 minutes to get on the table. It is creamy, smokey and wonderful served with a dollop of soured cream – you can always switch out the crusty bread with brown rice if you’d like, too.

Wednesday: Hot Sauce Chicken Wraps

Congratulations, you’ve made it halfway through the week! Let us celebrate with another of my super simple griddled chicken dinners: Hot Sauce Chicken Wraps. Just spicy enough (you can use your favourite hot sauce) serve them with your choice of fillings: I like griddled cherry tomatoes, rocket and garlic mayo.

Thursday: Better Than Takeaway Chicken Passanda

It can be so tempting just to order a curry on a busy weeknight, but seriously, my recipe for Chicken Passanda takes just 35 minutes to make, is way healthier, and most importantly, tastes way better than almost anything you could order in!

Friday: One Pan Chicken & Pineapple Tacos

Honestly, I can’t believe how delicious these easy one pan tacos are. Toss everything together, bake, and then serve with chopped red onion, smashed avocado and corn tortillas – a happy Friday if ever there were one!