Weekly Love: the one where we got ready for Christmas!

1. Another stunning lunch at Water Lane, this time in their Carnation House greenhouse. | 2. A stunning steak main dish at the hottest new opening in Kent right now: Tallow. | 3. From my BBC Food Chanukah collection but delicious at any time of the year: Cauliflower Latkes. | 4. Speaking of Tallow, can we just discuss how beautiful their dining room is for a moment? | 5. And another from BBC food that also makes a fantastic Christmas cookie: Dark Chocolate, Apricot & Pistachio Rugelach. | 6. And from my newsletter ingredient this month: Meatballs in Tomato & Cinnamon Sauce.

What have you been finding small pockets of joy in this week, and what have you got planned this weekend? Once I’ve got my booster jab tomorrow I’m on my Christmas break, I’m looking forward to doing plenty of reading, a proper kitchen audit of what had got pushed to the back of the cupboards, and to cook some things that need a bit of time taken over them at Christmas! Have a wonderful break everyone!