Weekly Love: the one where Weekly Love changed its name and moved house.

1. Working my way through the classics over at BBC Food my Cacio e Pepe recipe is now live, full of tips if yours keeps going wrong, *and* it already has 5 stars! | 2. Weeknight morning Full English breakfasts that are hard to beat. | 3. This month over at Macknade I’ve created a recipe for Marinated Tomato Pasta with Garlic Breadcrumbs that is just perfect now tomato glut season is here! | 4. A fantastic take on a Bloody Mary using all their own home grown ingredients at The Ferry House. | 5. And because it is also courgette season, from my archive at BBC Food my Courgette and Pea Fritters with Mango Chutney Yogurt are also getting a tonne of love at the moment! | 6. And another super refreshing summer cocktail I’ve loved eating out: the Limoncello Spritz at Quince.

As I mentioned in my last Weekly Love post, today marks the last of frankly hundreds of them on this blog. The nature of blogging is changing, and the conversational style I like in these posts these days is more suited to newsletters than blogging. So, whilst I will continue to post recipes, weekly meal plans, restaurant reviews and food focused travel features here, Weekly Love has changed it’s name to Nibbles, and has moved to my Substack-hosted newsletter ingredient, where it will be delivered right into your inbox as a monthly digest – you can read the first one here – and by signing up as a subscriber, you’ll also get occasional food related essays, as well as an essay on a different ingredient on the first Thursday of every month, plus exclusive recipes if you choose to become a paid subscriber.

You can sign up to both the free and paid editions of ingredient here!