Bumper Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Is it just me or is Christmas shopping getting harder and harder this year? Whilst I go off and ponder what I’m going to get my nearest and dearest (I still don’t have a clue!) I’ve put together a couple of handy guides below: Gifts Under £10, Gifts Under £25, and Gifts Under £50 I hope will give you some inspiration instead!

As ever, a little piece of housekeeping: some of the below links are affiliate links, which means if you click on them and buy something, I get a little bit of money back from the seller at no cost to you. Usually, these are clearly marked with a [ad] next to them here on the blog, but to tidy this guide up a bit, I’ve marked them with a ‘*’ instead. Be it on my site or on someone elses, shopping using your favourite bloggers affiliate links are a great way of supporting your favourite food creators without any additional cost to you!

Gifts Under £10

Chocolate Coated Pistachios | Fleur de Sel de Guerande | Butt Rub* | Crondino | Truffle Dust | Pizza Flavoured Olive Oil | Slotts Swedish Mustard | Hotel Chocolat Jolly Milk Chocolate Penguin* | Opies Black Cherries in Liquor | ScandiKitchen Wild Lingonberry Jam* | Aperol Spritz Lozenges | Red Bean Mochi* | Wine Thermometer

Shall we start with the stocking stuffers? I’ve got a fair few ‘tried and tested’ picks in here from the frankly DELICIOUS Butt Rub meat rub* my family were obsessed with over the summer (try it in place of my homemade rub on my Best Ever Barbecue Ribs) to my go-to sea salt for finishing dishes and getting fancy. I’m also a massive fan of Opies boozy black cherries (we got through so many of these last Christmas!) and Crondio, a great no-alcohol version of an Aperol Spritz that makes a nice something to enjoy over a workday lunchtime.

In the category of ‘stocking fillers that look cool’ perhaps now is the time to introduce someone to a new mustard during the shortage with this attractive tube of Swedish Mustard, or pizza infused olive oil that just sounds amazing?

Gifts Under £25

Magnetic Measuring Spoons* | Special Edition Microplane Zester* | Copper Measuring Cups* | Barbecue Gloves | Classic Lego Bricks* | Diablo Toasted Sandwich Maker* | Paper Pot Maker* | Fig Leaf Scented Candle* | Borough Market: The Knowledge by Angela Clutton* [gifted] | Two Chimps Breakfast Gift Box [gifted] | Cheese Fondu Set

A few bits of kitchen equipment I can recommend here: it may seem strange, but I keep giving these magnetic measuring spoons* (metal so they can go in the dishwasher too) and people LOVE them; they’re just so much better than the spoons they already have. These copper measuring cups* too, with straight flat sides are perfect for reproducing American recipes, and pretty too. And finally, I’m always recommending the frankly magical Microplane zesters* for citrus, garlic and ginger in the kitchen and this year they’ve got some funky special edition ones: if my mother is reading this, if you’re still looking for gifts for me, consider this floral number a hint dropped!

Something I always love to give and receive as festive gifts are cookbooks. This years pick? Our publishers were kind enough to send me a review copy of Borough Market and Angela Clutton’s brand new book The Knowledge*, which I think is a lovely mix of everything for the serious cook: how to guides on things like filleting round fish, guides to different eggs and how they’re used, tips on wine pairings, and more important unique and exciting recipes I can’t wait to try.

And finally, because J always likes to contribute to this guide he’s been hard at work testing things I don’t enjoy: namely tea and coffee! This year Two Chimps were kind enough to send us their Breakfast Tea and Coffee Treat to try which includes their hilariously named ‘The Oodle Monkey Stole My Coconuts’ coffee (J’s verdict? Oooh, fancy!), a pouch of loose leaf ‘The Tiger And The Bee Make Very Nice Tea’ tea (again, fancy and more refined than your usual everyday brew) and a spice pouch for adding to hot drinks that smells so good I’ll be nabbing for myself the next time I make a suitable infusion.

Gifts Under £50

Nadiya Hussain Bakeware Set* | Spice Kitchen Spice Tin* | Splendor* | Malfy Blood Orange Gin* | Cole & Mason Copper Salt & Pepper Grinders* | Pomegranate Oven Gloves | Sake Barrel | Lakeland Digital Ice Cream Maker* | France Wine Puzzle* | Korean Ingredient Set

A few more picks at the upper end of this guide from my own kitchen: if you know someone who has always wanted an ice cream maker but is stuck for space, I’ve had this Lakeland Digital Ice Cream Maker* for some years now, and it makes ice cream as good as comes out of my mothers fancy one. My Spice Kitchen Spice Tin* (originally gifted, but not for this guide) has been my companion for over a year now and it is becoming more and more essential to quickly reach for spices, I’ve mourned the loss of one of my Cole & Mason adjustable salt and pepper grinders* this year as they were really the best ones I’ve ever had in the kitchen, and this Blood Orange Gin* has been J and I’s new favourite this year (their grapefruit one* is also rather excellent, too!)

As my Instagram followers can attest, we love a good board game and on a recent games night at my best friends house she and her husband introduced us to Splendor*, a brilliant, easy to follow card game about strategy and gemstone collection we quickly became addicted to which I’d love to get as a gift, which means I’ll be giving it to board game-inclined friends, too!

And finally, if it were not for the fact I have way too many pairs of oven gloves already, how stunning are these pomegranate oven gloves?