Sunday, 5 June 2011

Weekly Love - Week 70

+ Receiving the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. My Mum and I baked these chocolate fondant cupcakes on Friday afternoon, and they taste delicious, with chocolate fondant centres!

+ M. Robot talks about sexism among style journalists.

+ There is going to be a IFB conference in London. BEYOND excited!

+ Making these blueberry pancakes while I watch The Andrew Marr show. I can only really cook properly in my Mummy's kitchen.

+ Very important now the summer is almost here: How To Pack For A Holiday

+ My Tumblr has basically turned into a resource for food, fruit, flower and palm tree porn.

+ IFB's recap of their first ever Twitter chat about promoting your blog.

+ Eating home produce. At the moment I'm enjoying cherries, strawberries and lettuce.

+ How to appeal to your blogging audience: most of your readers are non bloggers - this is a really thought provoking read with some really useful tips!
+ This packaging my Mum's new maxi dress from Presis came in!

+ I need a Laduree macaroon wall chart in my life!

+ Pink Port.

+ A fashion writer does not wash her hair for six days, all in the name of research, and there are some very surprising results.

+ Another Pokemon related link to make us nostalgic of our childhoods, eggs painted to look like Pokemon - so cute!

+ Following and joining in with the Sunday night Beauty Bloggers #bbloggers hash tag chat.

+ How to wear pigtails without looking like a Lolita style stripper - I love the title of this article!

+ Finding half an unopened packet on Strawberry & Grape Wonka Nerds in one of the bags I was using in San Francisco - my favourite candy!

+ Andy Torres takes us on a tour of her favourite spots in Amsterdam.
+ My bird skull necklace from JWLRY - they were sold out so I asked Lily if she was getting any more in, and it turned out she actually had one left!

+ Nubby Twiglet has put together the most incredible, beautiful and stylish press kit for Kat's Rock 'N' Roll bride blog!

+ My Mum's super tasty and super healthy rice, chicken and fish meals - and her salads - I feel so good for what I've been eating since I've been home!

+ Amy explains Book Crossing.

+ Watching The Good Wife.

+ Mari has made this fantastic video with ideas of how to wear a Little Fille Headband. I can't wait to wear mine!

+ Wagamamas and lunch time clothes shopping with my friend Kathryn. Also, Kathy coming over to hang, swim, eat cupcakes and, unfortunately, study.

+ Shelling fresh peas as study snacks.

What have you been enjoying this week?


  1. OMG, the cupcake looks so delicious! :D And I also watch The Good Wife. Love this series!

    Mina x

  2. Everything in this list is so interesting! Currently have four of the links open. And thanks for the link on how to pack to go on holiday! Very useful. Have a beauuuuuuuuutiful rest of the weekend, Rachel!

  3. That cupcake looks delicious. How sweet that you and your mother were baking together.

  4. Yum, those cupcakes look delicious! I also notice that if I let my hair get greasy, it looks well-conditioned when I finally do wash it, but they say that greasy hair weakens the roots so I guess it's a trade-off.


  5. So excited for an IFB Conerence in London! It'll be amazing. Also, I think JWLRY is my new favourite website!! Ooh, and it belongs to Lily!
    Also really excited to find out more about bookcrossing!

  6. That's a really nice post! I've been obsessed with silver jewelry for quite a while now, love your necklace!

    Maybe you want to follow each other?

  7. Yumm the cake looks delish, and your pancakes look amazing too! x

  8. such a cheerful list! <3 luuuve the muffin!

  9. Those cupcakes looks divine! I wish me and my mum still did things like that :(

  10. Sounds like you have been having a wonderful time lately, the chocolate cupcakes look yummy and I enjoyed that blogging article you shared. :)

    The Cat Hag

  11. That cupcake looks deeelicious! I can imagine biting into it and the chocolate just cracks.. oooh I'll be drooling soon! Also fantastic necklace, lucky it was the last one in stock! Ahhh wonka nerds take me back! We have a shop in town that sells sweets that my mum even remembers in the 60's! It's a little expencive but it's so beautiful!

  12. yummy !
    + if u want follow me and writte comment ;*

  13. your cupcakes look delish! i totally agree about the laduree macaron poster... omg, i want one!

  14. Excellent linkage this week! I will definitely be checking out the one about non-blogger readers, they are so hard to quantify, so I normally end up writing 'for' bloggers as they speak up more!

  15. Your weeks are always beautiful sounding Rachel. Let's trade lives... OH and those cupcakes mmmmm!! Smashing!

    hope to hear from you*!

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  17. Hey :D
    Really like your blog! Lots of nice pictures and god inspiration!
    Do you want to follow each other? :D
    let me know!!

  18. wow, lovely blog!
    follow each other?x

  19. YUM! i love it :)

  20. I have the Hummingbird cook book too, there's so really yummy recipes in there! :)

  21. I LOVE Wagamammas! Also, kind of random, but I get an error when I try to click to the post from Bloglovin...don't know if that's just me though! :)

  22. Such great links! I keep hearing about the Hummingbird Bakery book, I think I'll have to buy it for myself. Your tumblr looks so happy and bright! xoxo

  23. Hi sweetie!!
    I loved your blog. Very interesting!!
    I am already a follower.
    Could you follow me as well??
    And if you do not mind to follow the twitter, I would appreciate a lot!!!!
    Kisses xxx
    Alice Dias

  24. Love your necklace !!!!!!
    And your cup cake hummmm !!!
    Follow me i follow you back ;-)
    Kiss from France

  25. great post. i love the yummy bit though.