Weekly Love – Week 65

DSC_0071+ My first attempt at blueberry pancakes. Did not turn out too badly methinks.
+ Though I may have thought all the hype was a bit much, watching the Royal Wedding made me feel proud to be British. And now I know what I want my wedding dress to look like! I also enjoyed the multiple occasions where I was able to sing the National Anthem. 
+ Rumi’s boyfriend shot an incredible video at Coachella.
+ The really hot and sunny bank holiday weekend we enjoyed!
+ Why Gretchen has stopped reading fashion blogs.
+ The latest episode of Hellcats. The ending. Oh my God. If you saw it you’ll know what I mean! Too bad the actor who plays Julian is filming a pilot for another show…

+ Sarah Ashley talks about the stigma attached to fashion blogging.DSC_0089+ Taking photos of all the beautiful flowers that are bursting into bloom all around me. My mothers lilac smelt amazing!
+ Jessica Rose from Star Violet Beauty did an incredible Easter egg hunt around her blog this week (which I won!) – it really was fantastic, you must check out her blog!
+ Is eyeliner on your lower lash line dangerous? I’d never though about it, but when this article came up in my Bloglovin’ feed I started to get worried!
+ Hotel Chocolate easter eggs.
+ Ashley is running this incredible blog project where you exchange packages of snacks and candy from your country with another blogger. It’s called Yummy International, and I can’t wait to get paired with someone!

+ Watching NBC’s The Voice. I saw it advertised while I was flipping channels looking for The Vampire Diaries in my hotel room in California, and after one episode I’m already hooked! So much better than The X Factor and American idol, you must check it out! And, no, I’m not just watching it because Adam Levine is in it! Seriously, so addictive I found myself shouting at the judges on the screen at one point! Screen shot 2011-04-24 at 11.41.44+ Logging into and cleaning up my Buzznet page – god I have not been on that site for so long!

+ Lucy Hale talks about makeup and Pretty Little Liars over at Nylon. God I love that girl! 
+ California by Phantom Planet and anything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

+ Sneaking into the ruins and sitting there talking in the dark for hours. 
+ For some reason I have managed to write almost an entire post over on my politics blog about careers in fashion. 
+ Watching The O.C. Why did I never watch this show when it was on?
+ Meredith gives a first hand account of the effect of the storms and tornadoes in Alabama. You really must read his post – it made me cry for the plight of all the people who have suffered and lost their lives both in Alabama and in her hometown. 

What have you been enjoying this week?