Weekly Love: Week 136

I’ve been watching loads of amazing Aussie television at the moment. I’ve already shared my love for Zumbo’s Just Desserts over on Netflix, but if you’re also a subscriber and you’ve already binged all of the new episodes of OITNB (I’ve been quite good and I’m only 3 episodes in!) Secret City is an amazing political/ murder mystery thriller about corrupt politicians, the intelligence services, investigatory journalism and Chinese spies – they’re making a second season at the moment. Completely changing gears, Glitch starts in a small town graveyard where people who have died start waking up and exploring the town, including the local police officer’s wife who died of cancer – not for everyone, but I enjoyed it! Moving to shows that have made it onto regular UK TV, The Heart Guy (known as Doctor Doctor down under) is my favourite show at the moment, with one of the creepy dead guys from Glitch as a attractive party boy Sydney heart surgeon is sent to work in the small town he grew up in. Very funny, and very entertaining. Also, has anyone started watching Harrow, the one with the pathologist? Unsure except for that massive twist at the end of episode one which has me curious!

Weekly Love 03.08.18[1]

1. Relaxing for a few days and escaping the heat of the city at my parent’s home in Kent. | 2. A fantastic lunch of Levantine small plates and Middle Eastern-inspired cocktails at Ceru in Soho – review coming soon! | 3. Running errands over the weekend in the shadow of Canary Wharf’s skyscrapers. | 4. Chilling in the pub garden at our local riding out the heatwave with 2 for £10 happy hour Hugo cocktails. | 5. Wishing I’d got some of these amazing aperitif nibbles when I was in Sarlat market in May. | 6. One of the best breakfasts I’ve had in ages at Manuka Kitchen in Fulham – their French Toast is officially amazing!

Weekly Love 03.08.18[2]

7. Enjoying incredible California deli sandwiches at Hellmann’s Soho pop up. | 8. Gazing up at palm trees in the pub garden, not believing that I’m in London not Los Angeles! | 9. Watching the sun go down over the fields in the heart of the Kent countryside.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m back in London for a couple of days drinking nice cold wine and reading all the new cookbooks I’ve taken out of the library before spending another couple of days in Kent. For more like this, don’t forget to sign up to my monthly newsletter – which is out this weekend – (and get my free Quick & Easy Weeknight Recipes eBook) which hits your inboxes on the first Sunday of each month packed full of seasonal eats, mini cookbook and restaurant reviews, and other updates.