French Photo Diary #2

Here are the second half of the photos from my trip to France last week. This pretty much covers everything else we did, except for our trip to the town of St Malo, my favourite place in the region which I think deserves a special post all to itself!


On Fathers day we drove out to a little village I can’t remember the name of (this happens a lot, it may be a rural area, but there are a lot of little residency pockets, each with its own gothic church) and ate the set lunchtime menu in their local Auberge, which is basically the local bar restaurant type place.


None of us could get over how much of a bargain the set menu was – a Kir (blackcurrent) aperitif, entrecote (a really, really nice cut of steak), nutty nougat ice cream, a glass of red wine, unlimited bread basket and coffee all for 12,50€ – you could not even buy the stuff for that in the supermarket.


Now, I don’t even eat red meat, because I don’t even like the taste of red meat. But I got saddled with the steak, and, actually, all red inside with garlic butter it was really, really nice, so were the homemade chips. I was very surprised!


One of my favourite mornings was out at St Briac-sur-la-Mer, a seaside resort beloved by painters and artists. They were all getting ready for the tourist season to start, so for us is was lovely and empty for the lovely walk along the coast.


It was fascinating looking at all the little rock islands littered around the coast through binoculars, and spying on the people in the windsurfing school on the other side of the bay!

6 7

Though it was by no means cold, it was quite windy – as you can see from this photo! My top is from H&M, my cardigan from Topshop and the sunglasses were free with the July issue of Tatler.


I just love being by the sea where all of the air is full of the sea smell which people say is the sea salt, but is in fact the smell of the seaweed that has been washed up on the beach.


I just had to photograph these vintage style beach huts – they overlooked the prettiest little cove with a beautiful view – I’d love to come back for a spot of sunbathing and swimming in the sea – I was so surprised how clear and blue it was, I’d never seen it like that outside of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean.