French Photo Diary #4: Food Edition

As I mentioned in my last Weekly Love, I headed off for another week in my house in France. Rather than actually going places, it was more of an opportunity to veg out and relax at home. (Reading and playing The Sims 3 if you must know!) However, that did not mean I missed out on all my usual culinary adventures. 

Our best meal out has to be in the little traditional Auberge in La Fontenelle we ate in at the beginning of the summer (the one with 3 course meals and wine for 10,30€). We had an amazing meal, and this time we got an entire bottle of lovely wine for the table! Above, you can see my Dad’s main of spit roasted pork.

DSC_0041My mothers starter. It was a buffet platter of cold meats, pates and salads. I had some amazing duck liver pate, parma ham and the most mouthwatering melon I have tasted in a very long time.


This has to be one of the best traditional galette I have ever tasted – traditional and fluffy folded buckwheat pancake with a salmon and cream filling.  There was surprisingly also an egg with a runny yolk cooked inside which was a wonderful addition. Unluckily and unfortunately for me, they had also unexpectedly filled the centre with cheese, so I could only eat around the edges without making myself ill. These things happen, though, and I will still order blind off the menu in


The homemade profiteroles ere amazing. The french are not big on whipped cream, so they were instead filled with a beautiful and sweet vanilla Creme Anglaise. 

DSC_0019For Sunday lunch we went to a little A La Carte restaurant in our local village. The food was really good, but this Starter I was not too sure about. It is a shrimp foam with single pastry crisps, sweetened olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The flavour was exquisite, but the texture was a bit like shaving foam – very odd and slightly sickening to eat after a while!

DSC_0021You notice that there is no photo of the main course. It was duck confit. It was very tasty, and I was too greedy to remember to photograph it for you – sorry!   Also, the dessert was a chocolate muffin with a liquid centre, a pot of chocolate fondue and a fruit kebab. I’m rather sorry about that too..!DSC_0033These mussels were actually a bit of a disappointment. We needed to stop somewhere because we were all starving (we were on our way to a giant indoor warehouse full of cheap home ware we were shopping in for my uni stuff). The food was edible, but my mussels and butter sugar crepe were not up the the standard of the usually lovely food we get in the region. 


This is a dish my mother made at home, and it is one of my favourite dishes out of her summer repertoire. I’ve tried to persuade her to become a food blogger, but unfortunately I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon… Basically she slow roasts half tomatoes inside half peppers with anchovies. Serves how with French bread to mop up all the amazing juices. Best served outside under the parasol with a nice chilled glass of French rose wine!

What is the best meal you’ve had recently, cooked for you at home or out in a restaurant?