Introducing: Boudoir Privé

You only had to be following a couple of beauty bloggers on Twitter yesterday to hear the disappointment following the second GlossyBox we all received. You’ll remember by very happy and excited review I wrote for the first box, which was fantastic (Nars Orgasm Illuminator and Alterna hair spray are now both part of my daily routine), but I also was not so happy with yesterdays box (mini O.P.I, body exfoliator, perfume sample, Batiste mini dry shampoo, anti ageing serum) and after hearing about the price rise I subsequently cancelled my subscription. The problem is, though I don’t wish to continue receiving GlossyBoxes, I’m quite sad next month I won’t be getting a pretty pink box of samples through the post – as proven by the first box, the concept of getting introduced to new products in a convenient way does actually work. However, a few weeks ago I heard about Boudoir Privé, another exciting new start up launching in July with a very similar concept to GlossyBox.

1 box Boudoir Prive
As you can see, a similar pretty pink box, this time filled with 6 samples instead of 5, and also costing £10 – I really can’t wait to get my hands on one of these now!

Reading about Boudoir Privé I also think their feedback rewards system is much, much better than that of GlossyBox. Something else that has caused a lot of people to cancel their Glossy subscriptions is that the Glossy Dots you receive for leaving feedback are now worth less. When we all signed up for the initial May box you needed to collect 20 dots for a free box. They later announced that you would need 100 dots for a free box, which would take you over a year to collect. Boudoir Privé, however, give you discounts to spend in their online store of the full sized products of the samples you received in return for your feedback – much more instant, useful and gratifying!

You can sign up to get an email when registration starts on the Boudoir Privé website, and you can also follow them on Twitter!

Who here is going to sing up for Boudoir Privé? Was anyone else disappointed with their June GlossyBoxes?

*edit* You can read my review of my first box here!