Introducing: Foam Magazine

I love reading about other bloggers, so when I saw the ‘Blogger Issue’ of Foam Magazine in Selfridges when I was picking up a copy of Teen Vogue, I knew I had to grab it. 


It turns out that buying a copy has to have been the second best magazine purchase I have ever made. (The first being my first ever copy of Nylon, obviously!) 

I think the best way to describe Foam is a West Coast version of Nylon. (I usually associate magazines I love to Nylon, I have decided that Jalouse is Nylons French cousin) I don’t know if my total obsession with California has managed to spill out over into my blog at all, but sitting reading Foam on the train coming back from London I was transported back to the Golden Coast. 

I was so excited to read an interview with Sophia, the brains behind Nasty Gal Vintage, the blogger online go to for vintage and unique clothing. I’ve spent hours lusting after items on their website, and it was fascinating to find out exactly how the company came about! 
I also don’t really read interior design articles much (if you lived with my parents you’d feel the same!) but I really enjoyed this piece about Free People’s Creative Directors pad.
I was not disappointed by the 8 page jam packed feature on bloggers and blogging, including one of my favourite Californian style bloggers Natalie Suarez, which was the reason I bought the magazine in the first place.

Finally, the music section was different, edgy and actually made me want to look the artists up, something that I don’t usually find when I’m reading about music in magazines anymore. 

What is your most recent new magazine find?