Places To Eat In London: Granger & Co.

It had been a while since I had been to Notting Hill for a brunch excursion, so on Saturday morning my uni friend Evie and I decided to check out Bill Granger’s restaurant Granger & Co. on Westbourne Grove. It was absolutely packed, and we had to put our name down for a table and wander the shops for half an hour before we could eat, but it was well worth the wait!

These delicious looking cakes on the counter were making me really, really hungry while we waited for our food! I would love to have tried a slice of the divine looking chocolate one with all those berries!
I felt like a change from my usual brunch go to of homemade lemonade or spiced tomato juice, so I opted for an iced tea. When I took my first sip I was more than pleasantly surprised, it has to be one of the best iced teas I have ever tasted. I asked one of the guys behind the bar, and he told me it was made with breakfast tea, lemon and brown sugar.
After a rather long deliberation over their delicious looking menu, I opted for their scrambled eggs as recommended to me by the waiter (also, another woman across the bar from where we were perched had ordered them and they looks so deliciously smooth and fluffy) with sour dough toast and a serving of gravalax on the side. It was all absolutely delicious, but I have to recommend the eggs. They are just as good as they look, really, really smooth and light, a total melt in your mouth experience!
Evie opted for Ricotta Hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter, served with maple syrup which was something else that was recommended to us. I took a bite and they were absolutely delicious, I’ll have to be going back to have a whole plate of these at some point!

Has anyone eaten at Granger & Co. before? If not, I seriously suggest you head over to Notting Hill to try it. Unfortunately, as is fashionable these days they do not take bookings, so if it is totally packed when you arrive like it was at the weekend, why not try Ottolenghi around the corner, or Tom’s Deli up the road?