Monday, 6 February 2012

Places To Eat In London: Ottolenghi

I have really got into putting together my 'Places To Eat In London' feature, so one of my favourite Sunday night hobbies has become skimming through the food section of Time Out London and the London edition of Urban Spoon and deciding where I am going to brunch or lunch the following Sunday and catch up with one of my friends. 
These are the incredible and mouthwatering looking salads you are confronted with the moment you step into the Notting Hill branch of Ottolenghi, where I ended up last Sunday with my best friend Kathryn for an early lunch. 
The Notting Hill branch is located just off of Westbourne Grove, which is just off of Portobello Road. It is mostly designed to take food away, but there is a big table in the back that everyone who wants to eat in can sit around if you're lucky enough for there to be some space. 
DSC_0376The next time I am in Notting Hill (which, lets be honest will be very soon no doubt!) I will be stopping by to sample a cake (or five) and one of those delicious looking raspberry meringues. 
DSC_0421 DSC_0381
Kathy and I did not have any pastries, but we were both admiring the board of jams and preserves left on the big communal table for those who did. 
DSC_0382 DSC_0390 DSC_0404
Though we both went up the the counter separately and did not look at or discuss each others choices, we both went for this bacon and egg pie that was mouthwateringly delicious and very filling. The whole eggs hidden throughout were a lovely, surprising and tasty touch.  
We both shared this piece of Flourless Chocolate Fondant Cake for afters. The look of pure, mouthwatering chocolate enjoyment on my face as I took my first bite was apparently priceless. If you eat or get anything to take away from Ottolenghi, get a piece of this cake. I am not going to allow Sunday to be the only time I ever taste this cake. It was pure chocolate heaven. 
When we went to pay I noticed all of the bottles and jars of preserves and other such edible gifts they sell, perfect for the foodie in your life! I was also very happy to see that they do a cookbook, I added it to my Amazon wishlist the moment I got home! 
The picture of these bags of berry meringues are a hint to any of my London based friends who are organised enough to already be considering my birthday, but have no idea what to get  (just saying!) 

Ottolenghi have locations in Notting Hill, Islington, Kensington and Belgravia. The Islington location is the biggest where you can have a proper sit down, and Notting Hill Ottolenghi is the original store. 

Has anyone else eaten or got takeaway from Ottolenghi? What did you get up to last Sunday? 


  1. This place looks amazing! We have a very similar one in Brighton called Foodyllic- and it does an all you can eat salad box for £6. Plus the cakes are incredible as well!

    Lovely photos- that cake looks immense.


  2. Natalie Poortmans6 February 2012 at 14:33

    drooling over the deserts

  3. I have that cookbook and it's gorgeous - not as fiddly as the original, and lovely recipes! x

  4. Oh am I now? :D Yes, I have a very long list of places to go for brunch in London - you can come along one weekend!

  5. Wow amazing photos! Everything looks so delicious!

    Bisous, Sara

  6. Makes me want to go there. xoxo

  7. oh my goodness - so much deliciousness!

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  9. I love food pictures with good composition!

  10. Oh my goodness! Everything here looks amaazziinnng! Superbly mouthwatering! The pie looks really good, and those berry meringues! Ahhh. Loveeee! And your pictures are lovely, Rachel! :) xx

  11. I bought the Ottolenghi cookbook in the summer and I've been using it almost daily ever since. Every single recipe is amazing! The next time I'm in London, Ottolenghi is the first place I'm going to go - I'm so envious that you ate food cooked by the man himself, it all looks incredible :)

  12. unfff that looks amazing rach! xx

  13. I shall definitely add this to my must-visit list for my next trip to London - amazing looking salads and flourless chocolate cake with elderflower bubbly -just perfect!

  14. This is without a doubt one of my favourite places to eat in London! And you looked so lovely!


  15. cute!!!

  16. This is definitely going on my 'to visit' list! You are basically my guide to eating out in London!

  17. This all made hungry! Loved your post.


  18. Ah... Looks great!!

    p.s. - I really love this idea of your 'Places To Eat In London'!!

  19. Mmmm... LOVE ottolenghi! Great shout! xx

    The Londoner

  20. Arf... I don't know since when you have your blog but I wish I'd have known it when living in London. I'm sure I would have tasted all of the places you're posting about, they seem lovely!

  21. I think you are very pretty and beautiful.